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BEAT Burnout Program

Promote Professional Wellness and Build a Burnout-Resistant Workplace

Build a Burnout-Resistant Workplace

In 2022, more than half of American workers report being burned out or worried about their emotional and mental wellbeing. This translates to major challenges for employers, with burnout contributing to lower levels of confidence, diminished employee engagement, decreased productivity, increased interpersonal challenges, and more frequent sick days and absences. It is estimated that the disengagement and loss of productivity caused by burnout could cost an organization 34% of every burnt out person’s annual salary–that’s close to $20,000 for an employee making $55,000 per year because of forces and conditions that are almost entirely preventable. 


That is, if you know how to prevent it. Fortunately, Reloveution does.  


Our six-month BEAT Burnout program helps mission-oriented organizations and their employees become better equipped to avoid and tackle burnout in the present and long-term. Using evidence-based tools and drawing on deep personal experiences with work-related burnout, Reloveution assesses the burnout levels of employees, creates a comprehensive burnout profile for your organization, proposes recommendations for systemic change, and works with individual contributors and leaders to disrupt the root causes of burnout and build more burnout-resistant workplaces. 


Organizations that complete the program walk away with:


  • A stronger understanding of WHY burnout is occurring for employees and strategies for overcoming THOSE factors

  • Managers and leaders who are more prepared to notice and address burnout on their teams (and for themselves)

  • Mentally and physically healthier employees who take less time off and are more present and productive in their working hours

  • Employees who are more engaged, motivated, energized, and inspired to do their best work

  • Lower and more predictable employee turnover

  • New systems, processes, and initiatives that give individuals space to heal from existing burnout AND prevent burnout from (re)occurring in the long-term 

Is This Program For You?

This program may be a good fit if you’ve noticed any of the following on your team or in the organization at large:


  • Your employees seem to be exhausted, disengaged, withdrawn, grumpy, and/or cynical most (if not all) of the time)

  • Your leadership team is spending ample time addressing and/or brainstorming how to accommodate overwhelmed staff

  • You’ve noticed decreased productivity and performance, even with your highest performers

  • Interpersonal relationships are strained because folks are combative, aggressive, and/or argumentative

  • People are using an alarming number of sick days, are increasingly arriving/leaving (or signing on/off) late or early, or are more unresponsive than usual

  • Your employee turnover rate has increased putting added pressure on your people

  • Employees are not volunteering for things they used to volunteer for or are turning down stretch or passion projects

  • You’ve HEARD that people are burnt out directly or tangentially  

Our Approach

The BEAT Burnout Program includes:

Burnout Diagnostic of All Employees: We implement a survey to understand levels of burnout in your organization, WHY burnout is occurring, and the impact of burnout on employees and the organization at large. A compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma diagnostic may be added on for organizations in the helping professions. 


Comprehensive Burnout Profile: We create a visually-appealing profile that shows how many people are at high, medium, and low risk for burnout in your organization and outline the root causes of chronic stress in your workplace. We also include recommendations for next steps based on the results of the diagnostic.


Workshops: We lead a 90-minute workshop with ALL employees (including leaders) on healing from and preventing stress and burnout. We also lead an additional 90-minute workshop with managers and leaders to review diagnostic data and teach strategies for noticing burnout for staff, addressing burnout when it occurs, and preventing burnout on teams. 


Leadership Strategy Day: We facilitate a half-day strategy session to look at data more in depth, share tools and frameworks for meaningful shifts, and begin reimagining systems, policies, practices, and culture with the intention of building a more burnout resistant workplace. 


Follow Up Diagnostic: After six months and after you have put new measures in place to heal from and prevent burnout, we reassess your organization and generate a new burnout profile with recommendations for future transformation and accountability. 


Ongoing Advisory: Throughout the six months of the program, leaders have access to Reloveution through a private Slack channel that can be used for problem-solving, asking questions, and requesting tools/resources. Following the Leadership Strategy Day, leaders also have access to up to ten hours of advisory time with Reloveution on Zoom or by phone.

Mallory Riesberg.png

"Marissa was able to really give that atmosphere of “this is a safe space, we’re all on the same page and driving towards the same goal.” I feel like she was there to really help us and really took the time to care about us. You could tell this was rooted in research."

- Mallory Riesberg, Program Manager

"This program brought awareness to burnout at a time that was needed more than ever in my workplace. We not only spoke about burnout and its impacts, but also received real strategies that reinvigorated a sense of purpose and value in ourselves and what we do. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this experience and to have added useful tools to my toolbox."

- Renuka McCreight, School Leader

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If you are ready to BEAT Burnout for good in your organization, book a free connection call with us to see if this initiative may be a good fit! 

Individuals may also choose to go through a customized 1:1 BEAT Burnout experience with a Reloveution Coach. More information about that on our coaching page here.

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