Preventing & Healing from Burnout

In 2021, more than half of American workers report being burned out and worried about their emotional and mental wellbeing. This translates to major challenges for employers, with burnout contributing to lower levels of confidence, diminished employee engagement, increased interpersonal challenges, and significant losses to productivity. We can help!

  • Diagnostics. Use our proprietary burnout assessment tool to learn how prevalent burnout is for the people in your workplace and why. 

  • 1:1 Advisory & Strategy Sessions. Book one or several sessions to dig into your our burnout or stress, or to strategize on ways to support your burnt out team..

  • Retreats & Offsites. Bring your people together IRL to pause, get to know each other, play, build meaningful relationships, and reach common goals. 

  • BEAT Burnout Program. Our comprehensive and systemic approach uses diagnostics, workshops, and on-demand coaching to help employers and individuals be better equipped to avoid and transform burnout in the present and long-term.