Winter Retreat: Ignite Your Light

January 14-16, 2022


Reloveution invites extraordinary humans of all walks of life and work to Reloveution’s winter retreat, a powerful opportunity to gather, connect, learn, refresh, heal, and set intentions for the coming year in a powerful and transformational community.


We know that the last two years have been difficult for so many, and we seek to cultivate a space for emotional honesty and authentic human connection.

We know that each participant will come to this space at a different place in their journey, and our goal is to meet you where you are and promote your progress toward living a balanced, enriching, authentic, and soul-affirming life in the coming year and beyond. 


Location & Accommodations

The retreat will be in a private residence or small retreat center within three hours of NYC, likely in the Hudson Valley of NY, Western Massachusetts, or Western Connecticut. More specific information will be provided once we know how many pre-sign ups we get. All participants will get a private room unless they come with a friend and opt to have a roommate.

Timing & Commitment

We will begin with dinner together on Friday and end at lunch time on Sunday. We respectfully ask that you only sign up if you expect to be able to stay for and participate in the full experience. This is largely about cultivating community, which is hard if people are moving in and out.

We know that your time is valuable and that taking a weekend away for yourself is a luxury and a privilege that might feel uncomfortable. We guarantee that this investment in yourself will be worth it and we are happy to connect you with former participants to prove it!

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Your and all participants' safety is very important to us. Therefore, the retreat will be capped at 15 people and all participants must show proof of COVID vaccination in order to attend. In addition, we will be asking each person to submit proof of a negative COVID test, either completed within 48-hours of arrival OR at the time of arrival with an in-home rapid test.

Cost of Participation

The true full cost of participation for one person will be approximately $600. However, we endeavor to make our programming as accessible as possible and the cost to participate will be on a sliding scale from $400-$750. We encourage you to make generous, open-hearted choices that honestly honor your personal circumstances and any privileges you hold. We are happy to set up payment plans to avoid having to pay the full amount upfront! Upfront payments are nonrefundable after January 4.

Image by CHIRAG K

Ready to Ignite Your Light?!

If you are committed to attending this event, please save the dates in your calendar and fill out the pre-enrollment form. Payment will not be collected until we have established interest and commitment. Look out for more information in mid-December! 

If you have questions, concerns, or ideas please email us.