Leadership Coaching

Engage and Retain Employees by Investing in Their Growth 

Leaders Who Receive Coaching Perform Better

Our leadership coaching creates more confident and productive workplace leaders that are better engaged and more successful at work


One-on-One Coaching

Designed for early to mid-career level individuals looking to:

  • Build and level-up their leadership skills

  • Troubleshoot or problem-solve around professional challenges

  • Unpack frustrations, anxiety, or stress related to work

  • Explore and discover professional purpose and vision

  • Set meaningful goals and design action plans for realizing those goals

Our approach is to help our clients dig deep into themselves to discover personal truth. This is not about "fixing" you or giving unsolicited advice. We ask lots of questions and use your goals and intentions to structure our time together


You can sign up for a one-time session here or contact us about purchasing an eight-week package


Wisdom Walks

Research shows that walking significantly enhances the functioning of our brain's frontal lobe, which is involved with problem solving, reasoning, and creativity

Reloveution's Wisdom Walks blend highly-focused coaching with the physical activity of walking and wandering to help human beings discover direction, uncover truth, and find solutions to their biggest challenges


All you need is your phone and a comfortable pair of shoes! Book Your First Session Today

New Manager & Supervisor Coaching

This curriculum-based program includes eight, one-hour sessions that help participants who are new to their roles navigate their identities, understand power dynamics, and to learn the skills and strategies needed to be successful in diverse leadership contexts

One on one and small group coaching for first-time or early-stage managers who are looking to deepen their impact, skills, and effectiveness

Promotion to Purpose 2021

February 1 - March 31st

Participants receive 30+ hours of support and learning opportunities

  • Kick-off Institute (Four Hours)

  • 7 2-Hour skill-building virtual workshops in a collaborative setting 

  • 2 Collaborative problem-solving sessions with peers

  • 1 Mindfulness or Team building event centered around human connection and joy

  • 2 60-minute one-on-one virtual coaching sessions

  • Weekly challenges and experiments

Expected Outcomes

Why make the investment? People who complete our program:

  • Develop a strong philosophical foundation for leading and managing

  • Are more self-aware and understand how their attitudes and actions
    impact their effectiveness as leaders

  •  Master management skills in delegation, communication, giving feedback, and goal setting

  • Build leadership skills such as inspiring and motivating staff, sustaining positive relationships, coaching, trustworthiness, and team building

  • Become more self-reliant and confident in their ability to manage

  • Take more responsibility and accountability for their work

  • Contribute more effectively to their teams and company

Building Masterful Managers & Legendary Leaders

The Promotion to Purpose Program is an eight-week, cohort-based program for managers, supervisors, and emerging leaders who are looking to develop their personal leadership styles and the skills and mindsets needed to effectively lead and manage in current and future roles


Designed to support managers and supervisors (particularly those who have been in management roles for fewer than five years) and anyone who is preparing to move into a leadership or management role within the next twelve months

Please Note: You do not need to be a manager in title to participate, but your job duties should include supervision, decision-making, and/or control of the planning/activities of a project, department, or company.


Sound like you? Register here.

Required to Participate

  • Ability and technology to use Zoom to complete virtual workshops and coaching

  • Ability and commitment to attend all workshops and events. We know that times are uncertain and that things are bound to come up. You can make-up ONE training by watching a recording and submitting a written response/reflection.

  • Willingness and ability to show up for your own growth in addition to the growth of your peers.

  • Positive attitude, growth mindset, and desire to improve practice


P2P Calendar 2021

To promote accessibility for people in different and changing circumstances and time zones, participants will select a preferred time track:

  • Daytime Track:

    Thursdays: 12:00pm - 2:00pm EST (2/11, 2/18, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25)

  • Nighttime Track:

      Wednesdays: 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST (2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24)

*Please Note: With advanced notice “virtual childcare” can be available to children ages 3+ so that distractions are minimized during training times. All you need is a second device for your kiddo to log-in and there will be art and other activities provided to keep them at least partially occupied

In addition to weekly workshops, participants will also attend the following one-time sessions:

  • Kick-off Institute – Saturday, February 6 - 10:30am-2:30pm EST

  • Community Event – Saturday, March 6 – 10:30am-12:00pm EST

  • Culminating Event – Wednesday, March 31 – 1:00-4:00pm EST

  • Collaborative Problem - Solving Sessions (Date & Time TBD)

Cost & Financial Support


Participation in the Promotion to Purpose Program is $500. This includes access to eight workshops, one-on-one time with a leadership coach, community events, and problem-solving sessions.


It is important to us that the program is accessible to diverse human beings of varying means and circumstances. Therefore, we offer a sliding scale fee structure where you can pay what you can with a minimum investment of $300.


Payment can be made once upfront, or in multiple installments.

We encourage participants to get their employer to sponsor their participation if possible. A sample letter to request support is available here. If sponsorship is impossible and the registration cost is too much for your current budget, scholarships are available. You can apply for a scholarship when you register for the program.

Third Chance Coaching

All organizations can hire staff who under perform or feel like a bad fit. When that happens, one of these EXPENSIVE and time-consuming things happen:

  • Managers spend a huge amount of time and resources trying to coach the employee

  • The employee is let go

  • The employee and their performance is ignored or unaddressed

Fewer Unnecessary Terminations

The Third Chance Coaching Program is an investment you can make as a final attempt to save a good, but under performing employee. This coaching removes burden from supervisors and provides under performing staff with specific and action-oriented feedback, skills, and exercises to improve performance over the course of six weeks


At the end, the coachee feels supported by your organization and we make a collaborative decision about their future in the company

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