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Reloveutionary Learning Series

Advance the learning of your people in core professional learning domains

The Learning Series Model

To support the development and growth of your employees, Reloveution facilitates transformational learning series that include 3-5 workshops and small group coaching. These learning series can be offered either in-person or virtually to teams, full organizations, ERGs, volunteers, or any other relevant groups. 

Communicating with Power

The Fundamentals of Effective Communication

Empathetic Listening


Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback


Having Difficult/Uncomfortable Conversations


Generational and Culture Dynamics of Communication

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence 101

Empathy & Compassion at Work

The Anatomy of Trust

Managing Big Feelings of Staff and Colleagues

Professional Wellness

Managing and Preventing Stress & Burnout for Self

Managing and Preventing Stress & Burnout for Others

Cultivating Community Care at Work

Leading and Working as Most Authentic Self

Coaching & Developing Staff

Developing a Coaching Mindset

Supporting High, Low, and Under-performers


Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback


Praise, Recognition & Appreciation

Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership 101

Trauma-Informed & Healing Leadership

Effective Decision-Making & Problem Solving

Maximizing Collaboration and Teamwork

Motivating and Influencing Others


Your Own

Choose your own adventure! You get to pick the topics that are most important to your team, organization, or group right now. Full list available here

Our Facilitation Philosophy

Reloveution is deeply committed to creating engaging, inclusive, and transformational spaces where we not only impart knowledge but also prioritize and harvest the collective wisdom of the room. We believe that learning is maximized when human beings of all cognitive and physical abilities can safely absorb, reflect, discuss, apply, and practice skills in community. We also believe that people learn best when they are pushed into their “courage zone,” the space just beyond their comfort zone. Therefore, in every workshop, you can expect us to utilize independent, small group, and large group activities that provide space for participants to reflect, share their experiences and perspectives, ask questions, safely disagree (even with us!), try new things, and use their creativity. To ensure participation and engagement and to deepen our teaching effectiveness, we leverage discussion, technology, videos/readings, worksheets, art/music, and even mindfulness practices. We also prioritize flexibility, recognizing that where we think a session is going to go might not be exactly where it ends up! We are comfortable adapting on the fly and are committed to meeting the unique needs of the human beings in each of our sessions.

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"Reloveution's training helped me understand how to incorporate positive leadership skills to ensure that my program grows and flourishes! I highly recommend them."

- Marla Berger, CEO 

"Reloveution's workshops provide the opportunity for reflection in addition to sharing common sense ideas in new and insightful ways. Marissa gives a wealth of tools and resources for additional learning and thinking. These learning experiences are well thought out and nicely executed."


- Rebecca Forbes, Director of Partner Engagement


Ready to develop and advance the learning of your team? 

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