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Simply Human Management Accelerator

Our comprehensive program prepares, develops, and strengthens the effectiveness of your managers!  

Prepare, Develop, and Retain Your Managers

Managers are typically promoted into management positions because they are great at their jobs NOT because they are actually passionate or excited about managing human beings. Unfortunately for organizations and managers alike, there is actually very little correlation between being good at a job and being an effective manager. Even more unfortunate, organizations very rarely invest in comprehensive training programs that enable managers to learn the skills and mindsets needed to excel in their roles. 


Luckily, Reloveution’s Simply Human Management Accelerator is here to close the gap, and it saves the time, money, and sanity related to consistently having to replace unhappy and inefficient managers.  


Our unique Management Accelerator is a six-month program that helps your managers build the skills, mindsets, and knowledge needed to manage complex humans in even the most complex of times. Through the program, we offer up to 100 hours of professional development and coaching to a cohort of 5-30 managers within your organization. Each accelerator is tailored to the needs of the group of managers you choose, and people who complete the program are expected to:

  • be more committed to you and your organization in the long-term

  • develop a stronger philosophical foundation for authentically leading and managing

  • develop concrete and immediately applicable skills to lead and manage more effectively

  • become more self-aware and understand how their attitudes, mindsets, beliefs, behaviors, and actions impact their effectiveness as leaders and managers

  • become more confident and courageous in their ability to manage and lead in times of calm and times of crisis

  • take more responsibility and accountability for their work and the work of others

  • increase their capacity to inspire and unlock the potential of their teams and colleagues


When organizations invest in the preparation and coaching of their managers, it translates to: 


  • higher employee retention amongst managers AND individual contributors

  • stronger, more productive, and more cohesive teams

  • a stronger company culture

  • an easier time transforming high-level strategy into results

  • managers (and all other staff) feeling more supported, valued, and cared for by their supervisors and organization at large

Is This Program A Good Fit?

This program might be a great fit for your organization if:


  • You have a group of managers (new or existing) who are struggling with people management skills

  • Your exit interviews reveal that people are consistently leaving because of their boss OR your employee engagement surveys consistently show that people are not happy with their boss

  • People at your organization are continuously complaining about lack of (or ineffective) feedback, being micromanaged, absence of empathy, poor communication, favoritism, gaslighting, or discrimination/bias

  • You are considering how to shift your organizational structure to create more mid-level growth opportunities 

  • You are ready to be proactive in the way you prepare your managers and set them up for long-term success! 

Our Approach

The Simply Human Management Accelerator takes place over six months and includes:

Management Effectiveness Assessment: We ask participants and their direct reports to fill out a survey to learn more about the preparedness and effectiveness of managers on the team. Participants learn their authentic management/leadership style(s) and begin exploring self-perceived strengths and weaknesses. These results are only shared in aggregate (no identifying details are shared) to inform training topics, discussions, and to establish a baseline for the program. Reloveution does use personalized data to guide one-on-one coaching sessions! 


In Person Kick-Off Retreat: A two-day experience designed to ground the program, build trust and relationships between participants, discuss current challenges related to management, and teach foundational skills related to management and leadership


Workshops: Reloveution facilitates eight two-hour workshops (virtual or in-person) for all participants. We provide your leadership team with one-pagers for each session with a synopsis of key learnings and reflection questions/prompts to explore with participants. A list of potential workshop topics can be found here.


Challenges and Experiments: To help participants apply what they are learning, each participant is asked to complete a challenge or experiment focused on the learning topic of the previous workshop. We debrief these challenges during coaching sessions and also at the following workshop.  


One-on-One Coaching: Each participant receives two virtual one-on-one sessions from a Reloveution coach to explore unique challenges, apply workshop learnings to real work scenarios, and/or uncover and address internal barriers to success as a manager. 


Real Time Support: Each participant has access to an exclusive Slack channel to troubleshoot challenges, ask/give for advice, or ask/answer questions.


Post-Program Assessment: At the end of the program, we ask participants and their direct reports to fill out a survey to see how the program has impacted the preparedness and effectiveness of managers on the team. 


One year of free access to the Millennial Manager Collective for anyone who fits the criteria 


"We cannot say enough about the value of this experience for our company. We invested in this opportunity for our General Manager. The amount of excitement after each session was palpable, and he consistently shared his newfound leadership skills and how to best communicate and manage staff with compassion. He now has these awesome tools on how prevent staff burnout, help staff achieve goals, and take ownership in their current roles. We highly recommend any programs Reloveution has to offer!


- Amy Nehrke, CEO

"During this experience, I got the chance to see and meet many leaders just like me and realized wasn't alone in my struggles. From managing employee conflicts to managing stress and burnout, it all helped me improve my leadership and my work."

- Christian Velez-Ortiz, Program Director

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Take the first step to better preparing and empowering your managers by booking a connection call with us! 

Individuals may choose to join our annual public Management Accelerator or take advantage of a 1:1 Management Accelerator coaching experience.

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