PROMotion to purpose program 

The Promotion to Purpose Program (P2P) is Reloveution's eight-week, cohort-based program for managers, supervisors, and emerging leaders who are looking to develop their personal leadership styles and the skills and mindsets needed to effectively lead and manage in their current and future roles. Through weekly workshops, peer support, and one-on-one coaching, participants explore common challenges in addition to the current challenges they are experiencing and learn strategies for tackling even the most difficult leadership and management dilemmas with humanity, empathy, authenticity, relationships, and compassion.

Become the Legendary Leader and Masterful Manager You Were Born to Be

Discover Your Unique Leadership Purpose & Philosophy

Own Your Power

Learn Game-Changing Skills & Strategies

Apply to Your Context

Deepen Your Confidence, Awareness & Resilience

Get Inspired

Receive Life-Giving Support, Love & Community


Maximize Your Impact

About the Program

P2P is designed for managers, supervisors, leaders, and anyone who is preparing to move into a leadership or management role within the next twelve months. Please note that participants do not need to be a manager in title to participate, but job duties should include supervision, decision-making, and/or control of the planning/activities of a project, department, or company/institution.

Our research-based curriculum and community-based framework supports the unique learning styles, preferences, and needs of participants, helping each unleash their highest leadership potential through highly interactive live workshops, personalized coaching,  practical assignments, and peer accountability. We're here to facilitate a learning journey that cultivates legendary, effective, and reloveutionary managers who are prepared to lead in 2021 and beyond.

 P2P is for Human Beings Who Might...

  • Want to get to the next level in their leadership, management, and/or careers

  • Seek to build new and strengthen existing leadership and management muscles

  • Yearn for a supportive, loving, and uplifting community of exceptional humans

  • Hope to boost their confidence in their ability to lead and manage and overcome obstacles that might stand in their way

  • Desire to be inspired, energized, and motivated to lean into their unique leadership purpose and philosophy

  • Feel stuck, confused, or unprepared for the immense challenge of managing, leading, and motivating people

  • Be struggling with specific leadership/management responsibilities

All Participants Receive

Live Workshops & Learning Labs
Community & Connection Building Experiences
1:1 Coaching Sessions 
Resource & Recording Library 
Collaborative Problem-Solving Sessions
Exclusive Online Community

You'll Acquire Skills In...

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Cost & Financial Support

Participation in the Promotion to Purpose Program is $500, which includes access to all components of the program. It is important to us that the program is accessible to diverse human beings of varying means and circumstances. Therefore, we offer a sliding scale fee structure where you can pay what you can with a minimum investment of $300. Payment can be made once upfront, or in multiple installments.  

We encourage participants to get their employer to sponsor their participation if possible. A sample letter to request support is available here. If sponsorship is impossible and the registration cost is too much for your current budget, scholarships are available. You can apply for a scholarship when you register for the program.


No matter if you are looking to improve your leadership or your management role in order to get the team working together to achieve its mission, Promotion to Purpose is the way. These techniques promote a high functioning environment that make employees happy to work together while seeing and understanding the North Star of your company

Ben Yates, General Manager

I know I will have other struggles in my work and life, but with the tools I got from this ONE program, I know I am equipped to get through them all

Lily Bergstein, Entrepreneur & Educator

HUGE THANK YOU for all you've offered me through sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Since P2P, I've followed my dreams of becoming a qualified massage therapist and had a work promotion. I've taken on new challenges and been brave entering them with a 'leadership' type of mind. This was a true wonder of an experience! 

Faith Biddle, Sustainability & Communications Officer

Game-changing" is an apt descriptor. In P2P, I was able to explore myself using interesting tools, conversation, and through Marissa's unique and remarkable facilitation. I can see the evidence of my learnings from this program in my life now - I do not shy away from feedback on the giving and receiving end, for example. I am growing into my leadership style, I believe this is due to my being given effective, personalized "tools for my toolbelt". I predict these will be usable for my entire professional life, maybe even beyond. I have attended many workshops and there is something special about Reloveution's style. I really encourage folks to see for themselves!

Louise Tiano, Social Worker


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