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Leading in the Face of Loss

These are the strangest of days. There is so much to mourn. We are living - and working - in the wilderness. Existing in 2020 often feels akin to a mad trek through the tangled and shadowy thickets of loss. Isolated and bereft, we stumble to find a way through the dimness. The losses settle in with no apparent resolution in sight - loss of security, loss of identity, loss of loved ones, loss of health.

There are no shortcuts past the feelings of helplessness, no bypasses around the discomfort of unanswered questions. In other words, however much we would like to solve the problem, this grief and suffering that we are in is not something to be rushed through or ignored. So what, then, is there to do?

Even in the workplace, we can help one another pave the way through our collective grief.

Heart-centered leadership is required now to make space for the big emotions that are present for all of us this year. At Reloveution, we believe it is possible for employers to provide compassionate support to themselves and their employees and ensure that the job gets done. In fact, if leaders wish to maintain productivity and engagement, we must acknowledge our own feelings of loss, as well as those of the people who make our work possible. Studies show that acknowledging loss actually makes people feel better, not worse. The more we want people to get over it, the longer it will take them. So, let’s talk about it.

Our signature workshop, "Leading in the Face of Loss," offers participants an open space for people to practice authentic conversations about grief and loss. We will also learn some practical intelligence about how to hold intentional space for the truth that's here while maintaining high work standards. The antidote to a fearful existence in the wilderness is, and always has been, community. Email us to book this training and to explore what it could look like to show up for yourself and your employees in this time.

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