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Professional Coaching & Advisory

Reach Your Highest Professional Potential

We work with mid- to senior-level career professionals to help them identify what is working and not working professionally, troubleshoot solutions and shift mindsets around critical and chronic challenges, and support in building an authentic, sustainable, and soul-affirming professional identity that works for THEM and their unique life. 


People who work with our expert coaches:


  • Develop a stronger philosophical foundation for their professional work and role

  • Become clearer about their goals and the steps they need to take to reach those goals

  • Improve their self-awareness and understand how their attitudes, mindsets, beliefs, behaviors, and actions are serving or not serving them

  • Become more courageous and more confident in themselves and their work

  • Learn concrete and authentic skills and strategies for leaning into the professional THEY want to be

  • Become stronger, more grounded, and more resilient managers and leaders

Solve for Professional Challenges

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Is Coaching For You?

Reloveution’s coaching and advisory services are a great fit for:


  • Mid to senior level professionals looking to level up and deepen their skills

  • Individuals transitioning into management or leadership roles

  • People who care about people who have no idea what to do with/about their people

  • Professionals looking to understand the steps they need to take to manage themselves and others most effectively

  • People looking to level up or find a new path in their career

Our Approach

While it is possible to book a one-time session focused on a specific challenge or skill area, we highly recommend that people commit to at least six sessions. This gives us time to truly get to know our coachees and to design services based on their specific needs and preferences. Coaching sessions can take place in-person, on Zoom, or on the phone. Sessions are confidential unless otherwise agreed upon by organization, coachee, and Reloveution.

One Time Strategy Session: 1, one-hour session focused on a specific challenge or skill area 


Starter Package: 6, one-hour sessions over 3-4 months, with 1:1 real-time Slack support from Reloveution for the duration of the time. This package may also include between session homework for people looking for an added challenge 


Management Accelerator Package: Designed for new, aspiring, or developing people managers, this package includes 12, one-hour sessions over six months with ancillary learning activities and real-time Slack support from Reloveution. Six sessions are open problem-solving sessions, and six sessions are focused on specific management topics (communication, giving feedback, managing conflict, developing staff, building accountability, coaching, motivating staff, managing intergenerational dynamics, etc.). Topics are pre-determined by coachee, their organization, and Reloveution 


BEAT Burnout Package: This package includes 8, one-hour sessions for hard-working professionals who are experiencing burnout and seek to build a healthier and more sustainable professional life. We work with you to assess the root causes of chronic stress in your work life, provide strategies and tools for disrupting harmful patterns/conditions, help you establish stronger boundaries and advocate for changes in your workplace, and hold you accountable to making the changes you desire. Our goal is to help you come home to yourself as the powerful lifeforce that you are! 

People who take advantage of our Starter, Management Accelerator, and BEAT Burnout Packages have access to proprietary Reloveution tools and resources, preferred rates for Reloveution retreats and workshops, and one-year of complimentary access to the Millennial Manager Collective (if applicable).

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"During a period of organizational growth and change, Marissa was able to provide actionable solutions that I could immediately use to support my team and myself. Her patient and down-to-earth approach was both practical and insightful. I'd absolutely recommend her to folks in my network."

- Nicole Morrissey, Director of Corporate Partnerships

"I only had 3 sessions with Marissa, and the way she has been able to help me grow as a leader and develop managerial frameworks and approaches is truly invaluable. She has challenged my thinking while also providing intentional resources. Every time I had a session with her, it was clear that she was dedicated to helping me solve the problems I was facing. With her coaching, I feel like I’ve really been able to strengthen my leadership skills and overall lead with HEART."

- Anna Treesara, Senior Manager

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Should you have a professional development budget through your organization or you want to advocate for your employer to pay for one of the coaching packages, we are happy to provide templates and materials to share!! 


Payment plans are also available.

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