Our volunteer corps is comprised of hundreds of licensed mental health practitioners who offer 15-60 minute listening and support sessions



First responders, healthcare providers, and their families


To respond to acute stress and provide spaces for frontline workers to be heard and supported 


Please note that this is not therapy, and we encourage people looking for ongoing support to find a traditional therapist

Receive the Support You Need

Project RESPITE is a philanthropic initiative of Reloveution that provides responsive emotional support to powerfully interrupt traumatic experiences to first responders and healthcare professionals who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic


Request Support

Any first responder or healthcare professional can request a support session online and is matched with a professional within 24- hours



Scheduling and mode of virtual meeting is handled directly between the requester and the mental health professional


Get Help

You may have a one-time session or choose to follow up with the same practitioner for up to six weeks


Are You in Crisis?

Please go to the emergency room or call 911. If you are currently experiencing thoughts of suicide, please call 1-800-273-8255 or use the online chat

Your Privacy

Your information is only accessible by one person at Reloveution and is only shared with your matched mental health provider to help support your session. We take your privacy seriously and guarantee to keep your information secure. If you are concerned about your information staying secure, please email us at and we can set a session up for you without you filling out the form


"I felt validated, and very heard during my session. I received really great advice, too. [My practitioner] was cool and calm and caring. I really enjoyed the experience. She made sure to let me know she is available by text and to update her if I want to on some of what we had talked about"

"This program was very accessible and I'm thrilled to have been a beneficiary of this! It might have saved my life"

"The conversation didn’t feel forced. [My practitioner] was easy to talk to and provided great tips along with expanding on some things I currently do"

"I really appreciated [my practitioner's] ability to relate to me. Also that it was a judgement free zone and gave me a safe space to vent. She listened and began to help me touch upon deeper issues that were surfacing"

Meet Our Team

Marla Berger, LMHC ATR, RPT-5

Florida, United States

Julie Keen, PSY. D.

Connecticut, United States

Beth Sperber Richie, PhD

Maryland, United States

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Patricia Lee, LCSW

Oregon, United States

Karen Sullins, LPC

Alabama, United States

Trisha Rossi, LCSW

New York, United States

Kimberly Wojtak, MA

Arizona, United States


Free and Confidential

Special Events

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