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Retreats & Offsites

Bring Your Team Together

Businesses that bring their people together in community for more than just a few hours at a time (preferably IRL) have more productive teams and stronger results.


We help build the trust and relationships necessary for your business and teams to thrive. 


Reloveution did a great job accommodating multiple people in different job departments with all different working and learning styles. I felt empowered to share as much or little as I was comfortable with, and felt more connected to my team after spending time in person with them. So accommodating and a great balance of structured group activities, casual/social time, and personal time.

Lisa, Senior Talent Acquisiton Partner


How Retreats Work


Pause and reflect to explore what's working and to consider what needs change


Pause when faced with a turning point, when introducing new staff, or when things don't feel completely aligned


Pause when we want to safely and collaboratively make adjustments


Inspire to increase  productivity, improve effectiveness, and reignite innovation is to have fun, laugh, and celebrate together.


Inspire to provide time and space for teammates to get to know each other or for leaders and staff to applaud accomplishments and progress

​Inspire to regain the energy, motivation, and the drive needed to do our best work


Reset when we feel like work,  projects, or staff are losing momentum or stuck in the grind - Refresh your team's mindset, vision, and goals


Reset when there are leadership transitions or when a project comes to a close, or when trends shift


Reset to re-calibrate how we operate and behave as individuals as as a team


Resolve when conflict, unpleasant emotions, or interpersonal dynamics put a team or organization at risk


Resolve problems, heal open wounds, and put out the raging fires


 Resolve to stop conflict before it's too late by creating a safe, collaborative, and compassionate space to activate constructive dialogue to get your team back on track

Plan Your Event

Retreats and offsites are customized based on your specific needs and goals but always includes a combination of relationship building, reflection on past practices, new learning, and goal setting.

All retreat packages include:

  • Pre-consultation to discuss your needs, goals, and expectations

  • Retreat designed and fully facilitated for your team or organization (remote or in-person)

  • Coordination of external vendors/contractors as appropriate

  • Evaluation at the end of experience and full recap with team

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