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Retreats and Offsites

Energize and Connect the Humans of Your Organization with Transformational Community Experiences

Reloveution designs and facilitates transformational community experiences to help mission-oriented organizations/teams get away from the daily grind to reflect, reignite motivation, build positive working relationships, align on values, build culture, solve persistent challenges, and/or strategize around work, goals, or deliverables. 


We design and facilitate corporate, nonprofit, leadership/executive, board, orientation/onboarding, spiritual, teambuilding, and public retreats/offsites.


We take your goals and turn them into an experience that surpasses your wildest expectations. As such, each of our events is unique to the group being served, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a full week. We have led retreats for teams as small as five and as large as 250, and are experts in creating agendas and activities that maximize impact for individuals, teams, and your organization at large. 

Build More Effective Teams & Culture

Is a Retreat What You Need?

A retreat may be a good idea for your organization or team if you are looking to:


  • Resocialize and reconnect employees “after” the pandemic and/or who are working remotely

  • Foster meaningful and authentic human connections between employees and across hierarchy

  • Reignite creativity, innovation, and productivity across the organization at large

  • Stimulate, motivate, encourage, and inspire your employees

  • Address and reduce stress and burnout 

  • Reward outcomes and progress and show appreciation for individual/team contributions

  • Improve team and organizational cohesion

  • Reflect and brainstorm on work, goals, values, and strategy

  • Create space for dreaming and visioning around the future of your organization

Why Hire an External Facilitator?

We know that many organizations choose an internal team to plan and facilitate retreats and offsites. While we understand that this may feel more convenient and cost effective, we highly recommend engaging an external provider (whether or not it’s us) because…


  • External facilitators are experts in managing group dynamics, professional facilitation, audience engagement, creative questioning, and event pacing. Generally, internal folks do not have this same level of expertise and have to learn as they go. 

  • An external facilitator is neutral and can bring objectivity that an insider cannot. This makes them better equipped to manage difficult conversations, navigate uncomfortable situations, and mitigate communication breakdowns in real time. 

  • Your people already have full-time jobs and often retreat planning is an unpaid addition to their already high workload.

  • When internal folks plan and facilitate, they are unable to fully engage in the experience and reap the same benefits as those who are not “in charge”.

  • When facilitating, people have positional power that impacts their ability to build relationships, create trust, and contribute equitably to discussions. At a retreat, we want all employees to be seen, heard, and valued in similar ways and don’t want to leave the facilitators out.

  • A professional facilitator brings an intangible magic that fosters group cohesion, joy, enthusiasm, humor, and constructive creativity. 

Reloveution specializes in the design and facilitation of retreats, but can also be retained to support planning and logistics (i.e., finding a venue, organizing meals, finding vendors, etc.). We will work with you to design a package that meets your unique needs. 

"I came away with a better understanding of myself, my emotions, how I can regulate them, and how I can pour back into myself thoughtfully and tangibly to make myself a better person, friend, lover, co-worker, partner, family member, and community member."

- Shadoe Tarver, Principal Consultant

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