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 Services for Humans 

Are you feeling stuck, burned out, or challenged in your work, role, leadership, or management? Hoping to advance and level up in your career or organization? Yearning to rediscover who you are and who you are meant to be? We’d love to be a part of your journey!!

Reloveution offers 1:1 coaching and advisory, monthly Power Hours, exclusive public programs, and an annual retreat to extraordinary humans from around the world. We also run an online community called the Millennial Manager Collective (MMC).

1:1 Leadership Coaching & Advisory

We work with mid, senior, and executive-level leaders to unlock your leadership potential, help you identify what is working and not working professionally, troubleshoot solutions and shift mindsets around critical and chronic challenges, and support in building an authentic, sustainable, and soul-affirming professional identity that works YOU and your unique life. 


We’ll meet you where you are and be a thought partner, advisor, and cheerleader during the joys, the pains, the wins, and the losses. We believe in YOU and want to support you in reaching your highest goals! 


Our expert and compassionate coaches are committed to helping you:


  • Develop a stronger and more authentic philosophical foundation for your professional work and role

  • Become clearer about your goals and the steps you need to take to reach those goals

  • Improve your self-awareness and understand how your attitudes, mindsets, beliefs, behaviors, and actions are serving or not serving you

  • Become more courageous and more confident in yourself and your work

  • Learn concrete and authentic skills and strategies for leaning into the professional YOU want to be

  • Become a stronger, more grounded, and more resilient manager and leader

Our Approach:
  • While it is possible to book a one-time session focused on a specific challenge or skill area, we highly recommend that you commit to at least six sessions to maximize results. This gives us time to truly get to know you and to design our time based on your specific needs and preferences. Coaching sessions can take place in-person, on Zoom, or on the phone, at the frequency of your choosing. Sessions are always fully confidential.

  • You may choose to work with a coach on any topic, but most people who receive coaching with us focus on leadership/management, professional wellness, healing from burnout, building a professional identity, or career transitions. 

While Marissa Badgley, Reloveution’s Founder, is the primary coach, you are also welcome to select from our reloveutionary network of coaches.


Coaching & Advisory Options

One Time Strategy or SOS Session

Have a leadership emergency? Beep your question here for responses within 24-hours (M-F)

Starter Package 

(Highly Recommended)

  • 6, one-hour sessions over 3-4 months

  • 1:1 real-time Slack support from Reloveution.

Impact Package

(Highest Impact)

  • 15, one-hour sessions over 6-12 months

  • 1:1 real-time Slack support from Reloveution

Half-Day Leadership Purpose & Alignment Retreat

  • In-person, 1:1 leadership development and alignment experience focused on rewriting your leadership narrative and troubleshooting real-time challenges.

  • During this 4-hour immersive, we’ll use independent reflection, coaching, mindfulness practices, and powerful activities to explore your limiting beliefs, uncover and understand your internal gremlins and external barriers, and (re)discover and ignite your limitless magic as a leader and as a human.

  • Currently booking in the tri-state area and Western Massachusetts, and places I am traveling for other engagements. Book a connection call to learn more.

Ready to Unlock Your
Leadership Potential?


“Coaching was a job saver for me and has helped me though some difficult work scenarios. I would not be in my current situation if it was for coaching and working with Reloveution. Participating in coaching and other Reloveution opportunities has made me a better manager, better at balancing my job and home life, and better at finding solutions to problems. Marissa is compassionate and always points out the wins even when they are sometimes hard to see. She is honest, clear and direct. She is good at asking questions that can help get to the root of what’s going on or provoke you to think further and deeper about a topic.”

Emily Waniewski, Director of Programs

Power hour.png

Power Hours
Monthly opportunities to learn from leadership and culture experts from around the world


Millennial Manager Collective
Online community of millennial-identifying leaders and changemakers


Reloveution Retreat

A weekend to reset in powerful community

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Exclusive opportunities to learn and grow with Reloveution

Public Experiences



Pricing Philosophy

At Reloveution, we endeavor to make our programming as accessible as possible, and work hard to ensure that our rates are fair and nonexclusive to the organizations and humans who want to work with us. We encourage you to reach out to explore options rather than just saying "no" and assuming you can't afford it. We commit to listening to what feels fair to you and being honest about what feels fair to us.

Leadership Lifeline

We're here to guide you through real-time leadership emergencies or challenges, as (or close to as) you are experiencing them.


Need to have a difficult conversation with your boss or direct report? Feeling burned out or unmotivated? Crying alone in an office bathroom? Anxious about a presentation? Angry about not getting a promotion you were promised? You're not alone!!


With our one-of-a-kind Leadership Lifeline service, you can book time on-demand to engage in a one-on-one virtual chat that's tailored to your specific situation. Book a formal call (within five business days) OR get instant access (within 24-hours M-F) to our textline.

Leader Lifelne
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