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 Services for Organizations & Teams 

We help organizations and teams transform culture, strengthen leadership, prepare managers, and address burnout (for real).


Reloveution designs and facilitates transformational learning and community experiences that help your organization strengthen its culture, build the capacity of leaders and managers, improve team cohesion, and empower your humans with the skills, mindsets, confidence, knowledge, and community they need to succeed in the modern world of work. 


We see ourselves as partners in your culture and leadership transformation efforts, and customize our services and packages based on your needs, your humans, and your culture. 

Transform your organization or team for good.

Organizations come to us to:

Address & Prevent Burnout


Build & Strengthen Relationships


Define & Strengthen Work Culture and Organizational Values


Engage & Motivate Employees


Mediate Conflict


Realign Their Team


Train & Develop Leaders/ Managers 


[Insert Your Unique Goal Here]


No matter what your goals are, our genius is in collaboratively designing experiences that optimize for success and long-term outcomes. Our typical experience building blocks include:


Diagnostics & Assessments: We implement our proprietary work culture, employee engagement, burnout, and leadership/management tools to get meaningful data to drive our work together 


Workshops & Live Learning Labs: We teach skills, frameworks, and mindsets relevant to your goals. Sample topic list here


Strategic Problem Solving or Strategy Sessions: We meet with a group to dig deep into areas of concern, review data, and create strategy 


1:1 & Small Group Coaching: We meet with your people to help them build their capacity and support your organization’s goals


Retreats/Offsites: We bring your team together for an extended time to focus on your goals with the help of IRL magic (Why Hire An External Facilitator)


Conflict Mediation: We meet with people or teams experiencing conflict to mediate and find common ground


Team & Relationship Building: We help your team build the relationships needed to do their best work

We are NOT cookie-cutter consultants or conventional trainers, and believe deeply that interventions should be as unique as you and your team. We get to know you. We ask a lot of questions. We listen. We research. And then we partner with you to create experiences that surpass your wildest expectations.

Read about our a la carte pricing and facilitation philosophies here

*** Important ***

We very rarely offer one-off workshops because we believe that the impact of these experiences is highly limited. We believe that ongoing professional development in community is essential to meaningful learning, growth, and outcomes. If you are interested in a one-time workshop, we can discuss it during our connection call.

Sound Like Something You Need?

The first step is to Book a Connection Call so we can learn about you and your organization, and ask questions about your goals, needs, budget, timeline, and dreams. It’s okay if you don’t have all the information! This isn’t a sales call! We truly want to get to know you. 


Assuming we get along, that our values align, and that you think we can help you accomplish your goals, we follow a five-step process for all engagements:


We send you recommendations for your experience, including the building blocks we believe best fit your unique parameters, needs, and goals.


Agreeing to an Experience
You tell us what feels right and doable from our recommendations, and make decisions about the experience you want us to build


We send you a contract and initial invoice to be completed and paid within 7-days of receipt. We cannot hold dates or begin work until both of these pieces are complete. 


Project Launch Call

We have a Project Launch Call to jumpstart our experience-building and work together. 


Magic Making
We design and facilitate the learning and community experience of your DREAMS.

What Can You Expect After An Experience with Us?


While the outcomes from any learning or community experience will vary based on the components you select and the duration/depth of the initiative you create, we expect organizations to see several of the following results after an engagement with us:


  • Employees who are more committed and motivated

  • Higher employee retention 

  • Stronger, more productive, and more cohesive teams

  • More effective, confident, and committed leaders and managers

  • Stronger and more sustainable company culture with employee buy-in

  • Reduced burnout and improved employee wellbeing 

  • An easier time transforming high-level strategy into results

  • Staff feeling more supported, valued, and cared for by their supervisors and organization at large


We know that data is important and we will work with you to define and measure success in the way that makes the most sense for your culture (and investors)!



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Wondering What's Possible?

Check Out Some of Our Past Partnerships & Experiences

Learning and Leadership Development w/ Texas Freedom Network


TFN came to us with goals around relationship building and leadership/management development. 


We designed a one-year initiative that combined:


  • 1:1 Coaching for all Directors/Managers on the team

  • 2 All Staff Offsites

  • 4 Manager Development Workshops for Senior Leaders


Throughout the year, we saw significant increases in leaders’ confidence, strengthened relationships between teams and across hierarchy, and stronger institutional trust. 

“Marissa has been a phenomenal supporter of our organization since day 1. She has helped us identify our needs and provided us with trainings, she's connected us with outstanding coaches and cohorts for our leaders, and facilitated multiple on-site staff retreats. Not only has she responded to our requests with care and great thought, but she has proactively reached out with much needed support even when we were too busy to ask. Our last year of working with Marissa and Reloveution has been wonderful and we can't wait for more!”  

- Marti Bier, Vice President of Programs -


Wellness & Burnout Prevention w/ GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving came to us with concerns around burnout and compassion fatigue in their organization.


Our work unfolded in two phases. Phase 1 included:

  • Burnout Diagnostic and Analysis

  • Full organization workshop on Managing & Preventing Burnout

  • Workshop for leaders and managers on the results of the diagnostic and how to support team members experiencing burnout

  • Strategy Session with senior leaders to create a plan for phase II


Phase II lasted for one-year and included:


  • On-demand Burnout and Wellness Coaching for ALL staff for one year (84% usage rate)

  • Quarterly aggregated and fully anonymous reports on patterns and trends in coaching

  • Quarterly email blasts to organization with tips and tricks for navigating and preventing burnout

  • Quarterly strategy sessions with senior leaders to discuss patterns and trends and support continuous improvement. 


Over one year, we saw close to a 50% reduction in the number of employees at high risk for burnout, increased confidence of managers to address burnout on their team, and strengthened awareness of how burnout manifests for employees at work.  

“During a period of organizational growth and change, Marissa was able to provide actionable solutions that we could immediately use to support our teams and each other. Her patient and down to earth approach was both practical and insightful. I'd absolutely recommend her to folks in my network.”  

- Nicole Morrissey, Director of Corporate Partnerships -  


US Team Offsite w/ Rasa Technologies

Rasa came to us when they were planning their first Offsite for their US-based team, and trusted us to design and facilitate a three-day experience focused on relationship building, storytelling, and fun. 


During the Offsite we included:


  • Workshops

  • Strategic Planning & Problem-Solving Sessions

  • Teambuilding & Fun


100% of Offsite participants said that the experience exceeded their expectations, and the team was well-positioned for the period of rapid growth that followed.

We held an offsite for our remote US team and used Reloveution for planning and facilitation. If you are starting to think about how to meet the need for IRL connection in our new remote normal, I've never had a better experience (or, frankly, one that comes close in comparison) in terms of team building structure and activities. As a bonus, they were incredibly helpful and accommodating around our specific needs re: budget, travel and COVID precautions.” 

- Jenna Mackey, Head of Finance -

Interested in any of the above experiences or something not listed?


Pricing Philosophy

At Reloveution, we endeavor to make our programming as accessible as possible, and work hard to ensure that our rates are fair and nonexclusive to the organizations and humans who want to work with us. We encourage you to reach out to explore options rather than just saying "no" and assuming you can't afford it. We commit to listening to what feels fair to you and being honest about what feels fair to us.

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