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TEAM Program

Improve team cohesion and collaboration and prevent future conflict

Improve Team Effectiveness And Motivation

This program is designed for small teams (3-15 people) who want to improve their collaboration, communication, and overall working relationships either proactively or as a result of current conflict, transitions, or challenging interpersonal dynamics. We help team members better understand their and their colleagues’ values, workstyles, and preferences and address existing (or potential) synergies and tensions. 

The TEAM Program helps teams:


  • find alignment around values, norms, commitments, and direction/goals

  • define attainable and ambitious goals for work together

  • improve communication, collaboration, synergy, and teamwork between team members

  • build trust between team members

  • increase motivation and inspiration in the short and long-term

  • strengthen relationships, with people truly getting to know and understand their colleagues

  • solve existing and prevent future team tensions

  • build conflict-competence, with individuals feeling safer and more empowered to respond to and address conflict and challenging interpersonal dynamics

  • establish clearer expectations, commitments, and boundaries

  • create meaningful, responsive, and team-oriented accountability structures

  • honor the unique gifts, skills, and superpowers of team members, while compensating and accounting for areas that are not strengths

Is This Program A Good Fit?

The TEAM Program may be a great fit for your team if:


  • You feel like you are spending too much time playing the middle-person and navigating interpersonal tensions on your team

  • People seem to not trust each other or be able to productively collaborate

  • Team members ignore or avoid conflict or controversial topics OR manage conflict ineffectively

  • People do their jobs well as individuals but do not contribute to, interact with, or engage with the larger team

  • Team members conceal weaknesses and mistakes from each other and/or struggle with asking for help

  • There are internal cliques or you are regularly observing favoritism, bias, or gossip between team members

  • You have recently experienced high turnover or significant staff transitions on your team

  • You want to prevent any of the aforementioned challenges from happening! 

Our Approach

The TEAM Program takes place over 6-8 weeks and includes:


Management and leadership assessment: Each team member fills out an assessment to determine management/leadership style(s) and self-perceived strengths and weaknesses


1:1 consultation calls: We talk to each member of the team to understand current team dynamics from their point of view and to craft the plan for future training/engagements


Training & Learning: Up to twenty hours of live training and activities as a team, either through a multi-day offsite or over several weeks (maximum of three months) 


Coaching: We meet with each member of the team for two virtual one-on-one coaching sessions to focus on the issue and growth areas within their control and specific to their roles. 


Real time support: Each member of the team has access to an exclusive Slack Channel for troubleshooting challenges, asking for advice, or asking questions of a Reloveution expert.


Action Plan: Based on what has come up in activities, Reloveution creates an action plan with recommendations and ideas for improving and sustaining team effectiveness in the long-term.  


Reloveution came in to help our team learn how to work together and function as a collective. We got to engage with colleagues in a safe environment and learned that each member of our team brought a unique backstory and skillset that strengthens our work together. Marissa is an incredible facilitator of conversations, and we were able to successfully build a foundation of mutual understanding and trust that serves to benefit our working relationships. Reloveution deviates from the traditional teambuilding work by truly helping people understand what makes their teammates tick. This creates a true workplace culture of togetherness and belonging.

- Kaleb Figueroa, Senior Operations Coordinator

"Reloveution's ability to foster connection and community is not comparable to any other organization I've worked with throughout my career. I feel empowered to face challenges in the workplace as a leader, and I feel educated and ready to act when it comes to promoting a workplace filled with empathy, gratitude, and strong leadership skills."


-Louise Tiano, Social Worker


If you are ready to optimize the performance of your team and bring your people together, book a connection call with us! 


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