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Work Culture Jumpstart Program

Our six-month Work Culture Jumpstart program helps mission-oriented organizations build, (re)ignite, and sustain powerful work cultures that support the wellbeing of human beings and your company’s bottom line. 

Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture

Through a comprehensive culture audit, leadership strategy days, and customized professional development programming, our signature method translates to organizations reaching their boldest culture goals, which may include:

  • strengthening employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction

  • boosting trust between humans and towards the institution itself

  • increasing employee retention and better predicting employee turnover  

  • enhancing relationships, communication, and collaboration within teams and across hierarchy

  • building more prepared, effective, self-aware, and courageous leaders and managers

  • becoming a more cohesive and less siloed organization, with people moving in the same direction, speaking the same language, and aligned to a common set of value


Is This Program Right for Your Organization?

Your organization may be a good fit for this program if it meets one or several of the following criteria: 


  • Your leadership team is losing sleep over things like work culture, employee retention, employee engagement or morale, communication, collaboration, and/or trust

  • Your organization has scaled rapidly, is about to scale rapidly, or has recently undergone a merger/acquisition or leadership transition leading to struggles related to rapid growth and change (i.e., building camaraderie and relationships, aligning on values or expectations, and/or managing ambiguity)   

  • Your leadership team cares deeply about the people behind the work and understands that success and long-term impact hinge on the culture of the organization and the wellbeing of human beings (who also happen to be employees)

  • You feel like you have tried everything “out there” to solve chronic culture challenges and don’t know what to do next

Our Approach

Throughout the six months of the jumpstart program, your organization has access to Reloveution through a private Slack channel that can be used for problem-solving, asking questions, and requesting tools/resources. In addition to this high-level of access and support, we implement a five-step process to jumpstart the organizational work culture of your dreams! 

Pre-Work: Reloveution gathers information about your organization’s purpose, values, expectations, leadership principles, and current culture practices to customize our proprietary audit. 

Step 1: Culture Audit: Through surveys, focus groups, and interviews with current/former employees, we diagnose the root causes of culture and employee challenges.


Step 2: Culture Report Card: We analyze the data from the audit and generate a comprehensive report card inclusive of trends, patterns, and data-driven recommendations. 


Step 3: Leadership Strategy Days: We come together for 1-2 days with your leadership team (preferably in an offsite location of your choice) to review the report card, identify priority growth areas, teach some initial skills related to growth areas, and begin designing interventions and experiments for the short term.


Step 4: Implementation & Experimentation: Your organization puts 2-3 culture interventions in place and monitors success over the course of three months. During this time, you receive virtual consultation from Reloveution. 


Step 5: Virtual Leadership Strategy Day: After approximately three months of experimenting and coaching, Reloveution and your leadership team come back together to debrief, reflect, brainstorm, and systematize initiatives and interventions we believe will translate to sustainable change.


At the conclusion of the Jumpstart program, organizations have the opportunity to continue being advised by Reloveution through an ongoing retainer relationship. Organizations may also choose to take advantage of Reloveution’s other service offerings to deepen their impact and improve culture in the long-term. 

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"Marissa is an amazing facilitator and strategic partner. Reloveution's programs speak to the humanity that exists within all of us and teaches leaders how to navigate that humanity in professional contexts. Often, I attend workshops that feel draining, time-consuming, and uninspiring. Reloveution does things differently and the tools, resources, and materials we received are refreshing and useful."

 - Shontai Hollingsworth, Associate Director of Programs

"We took a massive step in creating a culture of learners who are not afraid to ask questions. Reloveution far exceeds the expected in terms of preparation and tailoring to your group. Marissa’s ability to REALLY listen and embrace different communication styles is magic. She has a wonderful sense of humor while being professional. We felt like she was part of our journey."

- Shannon Perry, CEO

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If you are ready to build, (re)ignite, and sustain a powerful work culture that supports the wellbeing of humans and your company’s bottom line, book a free connection call with us to see if this initiative may be a good fit!  

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