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Reloveution's workshops can be offered to teams, organizations, ERGs, or any groups either in-person at a location of your choice or virtually on Zoom.


To book your session(s), please email us or book a connection call to tell us about your needs, location, preferred dates/times, group size, and desired workshop topic(s). 

Current Topics

  • The Art and Science of Human-Centered Decision-Making

  • Beyond Self-Care: Fostering Community Care at Work

  • Building Conflict-Ready Workplaces and Leaders

  • Confident, Courageous, & Compassionate Communication

  • Fundamentals for First-Time Supervisors

  • Healing from Compassion Fatigue & Burnout

  • Human-Centered Employee Engagement

  • Human-Centered and Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Design

  • Intergenerational Mayhem: Meeting the Needs of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X & Baby Boomers

  • Leading Courageously as Your Most Authentic Self

  • Leading in the Face of Loss

  • Managing Change & Ambiguity  

  • Meaningfully and Authentically Managing and Coaching Staff

  • Motivating, Influencing, and Driving Human Beings to Get Sh*t Done

  • Providing High Quality Feedback to ALL Performers

  • Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Rockstars

  • Superpowers for Supervisors

  • Trauma-Informed & Healing Leadership

  • Unlock Your Leadership Potential with HEART

You can download a full menu with descriptions for each workshop topic at this link.

Our Training Philosophy

Reloveution is committed to creating engaging and transformational spaces where we not only impart knowledge but also prioritize and harvest the collective wisdom of the “room”. We believe that learning is maximized when human beings can safely absorb, reflect, discuss, apply, and practice skills in community. We also believe that people learn best when they are pushed into their “courage zone,” the space just beyond their comfort zone. Therefore, in every workshop, you can expect us to utilize independent, small group, and large group activities that provide space for participants to share their experiences and perspectives, ask questions, safely disagree (even with us!), try new things, and use their creativity. To ensure participation and engagement, we regularly utilize breakout rooms, polls, Google documents, videos, readings, worksheets, art/music, and mindfulness practices. We also prioritize flexibility, recognizing that where we think a session is going to go might not be exactly where it ends up! We are comfortable adapting on the fly and are committed to meeting the unique needs of the human beings in each of our sessions.

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