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We Put People First

Reloveution (ree-love-ooshun) is on a mission to create a world where every workplace is designed to support the needs of human beings AND achieve its highest goals. We help our partners build a foundation of compassion, community, and HEART, so that all workers can feel successful, valued, nutured, supported, and like they belong. 


Compassion is our competitive advantage and we can make it yours too!

Who We Help

We partner with organizations and humans who are committed to making the world a better place through their leadership, products, or a commitment to social responsibility. All industries can benefit from our unique solutions, and since our founding in 2019, we have supported nonprofits, corporations, startups, small businesses, school districts, restaurants, and government agencies.  


Your organization may be interested in working with Reloveution if...


Your leadership team is losing sleep over things like work culture, employee retention, employee engagement or morale, communication, collaboration, and/or trust

Your organization has scaled rapidly, is about to scale rapidly, or has recently undergone a merger/acquisition or leadership transition leading to struggles related to rapid growth and change (i.e., building camaraderie and relationships, aligning on values or expectations, and/or managing ambiguity)   

Your leadership team cares deeply about the people behind the work and understands that success and long-term impact hinge on the culture of the organization and the wellbeing of human beings (who also happen to be employees)

You feel like you have tried everything “out there” to solve chronic culture challenges and don’t know what to do next


Our Founder & Chief Magic Maker

Marissa is a globally recognized work culture transformation expert who helps employers build strong, sustainable, and healthy workplaces with engaged employees, powerful leadership, and compassionate, heart-centered cultures. Inspired by her own experiences of burnout and trauma in organizations, Marissa feels called to help leaders holistically and sustainably prevent what happened to her from happening to their people and themselves.


To date, Marissa has worked with 100+ companies and tens of thousands of current and emerging leaders worldwide. She has also been featured as a thought leader in publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, ThriveGlobal, Medium, and Crunchbase, and on podcasts such as Do Business Better, Small Biz Gone Viral, Welcome to my World, and Employment Law Today. She holds a MSW in organizational and leadership development from Washington University in St. Louis and a BA from Franklin & Marshall College.

We live our values

We embody our HEART values: humanity, empathy, authenticity, relationships, and trust.

  • 100% follow-through and accountability. When we say we will do something we will do it. We will trust each other to accomplish tasks and communicate if expectations are not being met.

  • Honesty always and in all contexts. We will trust that we can tell the truth, even when we make mistakes or when honesty is hard.

  • Solutions-oriented. We will both be flexible in face of a constantly changing environment and seek creative solutions to challenges as they arrive.

  • Creativity & Innovation. We will be creative and innovative, with no fear of sharing new (and potentially crazy sounding) ideas. We share a desire to push boundaries to obtain results.

  • Open communication. We will ask questions or raise suggestions without hesitation or fear. We will nudge or push back if something does not feel right.

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