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 We are... 

 Facilitators. Advisors. Consultants. Trainers. Coaches. 

Our Mission

Reloveution (ree-love-ooshun) designs and facilitates transformational spaces for organizations and humans to build community, deepen and accelerate learning, foster wellbeing, and break free from the status quo. 


Through fully customized learning and community experiences we help workplaces become strong and sustainable ecosystems with engaged employees, powerful leaders and managers, and compassionate, heart-centered cultures. 


Through our public programs and communities, we equip mid to senior level leaders and managers with the skills, knowledge, mindsets, and support they need to thrive in the modern world of work. 

We dream of a world where all humans feel successful, valued, nurtured, supported, and like they belong at work and beyond. We’d love to partner with YOU to make compassion a competitive advantage and to build a workplace ecosystem that supports humans and your bottom line.

Sound like what you need?

We Partner with
Organizations and Humans Who Are Changing the World


Humans come to us when they are feeling stuck, burned out, or challenged in their work, role, leadership, or management, or when they are yearning to rediscover who they are and who they are meant to be.


Organizations come to us when they are losing sleep over things like work culture, employee retention, employee engagement or morale, burnout, communication, collaboration, and/or trust.

All industries can benefit from our unique solutions and we have supported nonprofits, startups, small businesses, restaurants, law firms, school districts, government agencies, foundations, and community groups.

If any of the following pain points sound familiar, we’d love to talk to you and see how we can use our magic to heal your pain FOR GOOD:
  • Disengaged and unmotivated employees

  • High levels of chronic stress and burnout on your team

  • Unresolved conflict (and conflict aversion)

  • Strained interpersonal relationships

  • Unknown or undefined work culture and/or organizational values

  • Underprepared or ineffective leaders and managers

  • High (maybe unexplained or confusing) turnover

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Our Founder & Chief Magic Maker

Marissa Badgley, MSW is a globally recognized work culture transformation expert and facilitator with a dynamic background in organizational psychology, leadership development, education, conflict resolution, and social work. Since founding Reloveution in 2019, Marissa has worked with 100+ companies and tens of thousands of current and emerging leaders worldwide, facilitating transformational learning and community experiences that propel humans, teams, and entire organizations toward excellence, justice, and love.


Grounded in her Quaker faith and inspired by her own experiences of burnout and trauma in organizations, Marissa is on a mission to help leaders holistically prevent what happened to her from happening to their people and themselves. She believes that love, compassion, and community are the foundation for changing the world, and has developed unique tools and frameworks for supporting humans AND the bottom line. 


Marissa holds a MSW in organizational and leadership development from Washington University in St. Louis and a BA from Franklin & Marshall College.

Our Values & Non-Negotiables

We hold ourselves to high standards and expect our partners, employees, and contractors to share our commitment to changing the world, challenging the status quo, and being a champion for justice and love in workplaces, leadership, and beyond.

Inclusion belonging.png

Inclusion & Belonging

Relationships community.png

Relationships & Community


Emotional Honesty


Accountability & High Expectations


Continuous Learning & Growth


Reciprocity & Collaboration


Lead with Love & Heart

Our Reloveutionary Partners

Reloveution feels privileged to partner with high-impact, values-aligned businesses and humans who have complimentary services or expertise to ours. Our partnerships allow us to best serve our clients and ensure that needs are met!

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WinnEvents, our official partner for event production, guides clients through their event needs while managing the backend logistics of the experiences we create together!! This support is completely optional to our partners. 


Click here for our full list of partner coaches and facilitators! 

Interested in Partnering?

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