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The Millennial Manager Collective (MMC) is a diverse virtual community where millennial-identifying managers come to learn, network, problem-solve, level-up, collaborate, commiserate, and get/offer support. We know how hard being a manager can be, and strive to create a space where mid- to senior-level professionals can become more effective and authentic leaders without burning out or martyring themselves. Our goal is to ensure that every millennial manager has the skills, mindsets, resources, and community they need to progress in their careers and manage well in increasingly complex times.

MMC is where millennial managers get the spark they need to be the change they wish to see in their workplaces, in their lives, and in the world! All our offerings are intentional and thoughtfully curated based on the real-time needs of our members, which means that every quarter is a little different. What remains the steadfast is our commitment to meeting our members where and how they are. We hope you'll join us!

We enroll new members quarterly (January, April, July, October). Our next cohort will launch on October 1, 2024. You can sign up at any time before September 23. 

The cost to enroll is $199/year or $65/quarter with Solidarity & Nonprofit pricing available. There are also opportunities to level up your membership with exclusive MMC add-ons! 

"The MMC is my sounding board. It is a true community of cheerleaders who will support and encourage you. It is a space to try out different parts of yourself that you are working on both professionally and personally. It's truly transformational!”

Ruth F. (Maryland) 

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A Message From Our Founder

Why We're Here

As the largest generation in today's workforce, millennial workers arguably have the most impact and influence on their workplace's success.


We're showing up, working hard, and advancing quickly.

AND we are more burnt out than any other age group.


It's no surprise why. Millennials have been living with uncertainty for decades. We're navigating office politics and complex cultural and societal dynamics. We're emerging into leadership in workplaces operating under outdated and often harmful ideologies. We're building families of our own, navigating crippling debt, and becoming caregivers for aging parents. And of course, we're munching on avocado toast, spending our life-savings on therapy, and collecting participation trophies like it's our job.


IT'S A LOT. Living and leading in these times can be incredibly lonely.


But you don't have to be alone. The Millennial Manager Collective is here for you!!


Is MMC for YOU?

Our community is a good fit for:

  • Mid to senior-level managers (of people, projects, or organizations) looking to level up and deepen their skills and growth

  • Individuals transitioning into management or leadership roles

  • Professionals looking to understand the steps they need to take to manage themselves and others most effectively

  • People looking to level up or find a new path in their career (or considering it)

  • People yearning for a community of like-minded professional peers with diverse experiences and backgrounds

  • Managers from all industries and at any level of experience are welcome!

While the Collective is designed for millennials (born approximately 1982-1996), older Gen Zers and younger Gen Xers are invited and welcome to join if they feel they can benefit and contribute to the community!

Whether you need a space to heal from burnout, vent about work or life, ask for help, navigate imposter syndrome, or celebrate your big career wins--this is a space for YOU!

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Colorful Friends
What's Included in Membership?

When you join the Collective ($199/year or $65/quarter), you get access to:


  • Weekly Monday Motivation Email, including management tools, articles of interest, and upcoming events/opportunities

  • Slack Community of millennial-aged managers from around the world who are grappling with challenges around leadership, management, and career. This is a space for problem-solving, commiserating, dreaming, learning, and celebrating each other! All of our members are values-driven and mission-oriented. 

  • Monthly Circles for live storytelling, skill-building, and collaborative problem-solving with members of the community

  • Exclusive Professional Development Experiences with experts in leadership, management, work culture, employee engagement, and career development. We generally have one multi-week program per quarter, two virtual workshops per month, and impromptu things as requested. A list of previous learning topics can be found here

  • Seasonal Book or Podcast Club covering readings/listenings of the community's choice

  • Monthly 1:1 Connections with other members of the community

Members also get access to discounted coaching, workshops, leadership assessments, retreats, and more through the larger Reloveution umbrella and courtesy of our sponsors!!

Sound like a lot? That's because it IS a lot. But rest assured, there is absolutely no pressure for you to have perfect attendance! Flexibility and responsiveness are core to our philosophy and we do not expect that members attend anything or everything! Choose what works best for you, your life, your time zone, and your current needs! 

How You'll Grow

Through active participation in MMC, our members:


  • Feel more confident in their roles, responsibilities, and performance as managers, professionals, and people

  • Earn credibility within their organization and field

  • Have a stronger philosophical and authentic foundation for their leadership and management practice

  • Strengthen their management and become more effective at influencing people, projects, outcomes

  • Are more prepared for next-level roles


With the help of MMC, our members have...


  • Received promotions and raises

  • Built more effective teams

  • Found and landed their dream jobs

  • Recruited new amazing employees for their organizations/teams

  • Built successful business partnerships

  • Discovered powerful resources to advance their work and careers

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Ready to Unlock Your Competitive Edge with a Community of Like-Hearted Humans?

Get Your Questions Answered

We want it to be easy and convenient for you to get the information you need to make an informed decision about joining our community. Choose the format(s) that work best for you! ​

Fill Out an

Interest Form

Ask your questions, be connected to a member of our team, OR be connected to a current MMC member!


Information Session

Meet other prospective members and ask your questions live!



Info Video

15-minute informational video with important details about MMC and becoming a member!!

All the most commonly asked questions answered!

Book an

Exploratory Call 

Meet 1:1 with our Founder to ask your questions and learn more about the magic of MMC!

No expectations and no pressure! Just connection!


Open Door Circle

Join current members for community building and collaborative problem solving!

Friday, August 9

11:00-12:00 ET

Ready to Join?

We accept new members into the Community quarterly and our next cohort will launch on October 1, 2024. Registration is open until September 23!!

Enrollment & Onboarding Process

  1. Enroll in your preferred membership plan here

  2. Receive weekly updates, tips & tricks every week before your membership launches

  3. Launch into the community on October 1 

  4. Attend your Welcome Party on October 2

  5. Experience the magic of MMC!!!

Our Commitment to Equity & Inclusion

​Reloveution recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion in all forms. We strive to make our programming as accessible as possible and keep our rates fair and nonexclusive, especially to people of historically marginalized identities.If you identify as a part of a historically excluded group or if you are in a position where the membership rate is too high for your current budget, you can use the following codes at checkout no questions asked:


Reparative Pricing (30% off): 30SOLIDARITY

Nonprofit Professional Discount (20% off): 20HELPER


In deciding whether to use the discounts, we encourage you to honestly consider your personal circumstances and the privileges you hold.To request a payment plan email

You MUST apply coupon codes to the at the time of enrollment for them to be honored. 

[Click here to see detailed view of how to apply coupon]

Get Sponsored by Your Employer

If applicable, we highly recommend requesting sponsorship and support from your employer and using professional development funds to cover the MMC enrollment fee.

Our Community runs on a core set of values including Inclusion, Relationships, Reciprocity, Collaboration, Emotional Honesty, Accountability, Continuous Learning, and Heart.

"MMC is a wonderful and supportive network of fellow leaders/managers who are going through very similar challenges, and it's so comforting to know that I always have the support of this group, whether they're just listening to me vent or helping me problem-solve!"

Anna Treesara, Chicago

What Our Members Say

Let's Grow Together

We are so excited to welcome you into the next cohort of the Millennial Manager Collective!


If you have any questions about the community or enrollment, or to request financial support, please email

Huge Gratitude To Our Generous Sponsors!

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