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Millennial Manager Collective


The Millennial Manager Collective (MMC) is a transformational learning and professional development community for millennial-identifying managers (of people, teams, projects, and/or organizations). Through circles, classes, coaching, and cohorts, the Collective curates unique and meaningful opportunities for members to learn, level-up, share, collaborate, commiserate, and support each other in work and life. 

While the Collective is designed for Millennial professionals (born approximately 1982-2002), Gen Zers and Gen Xers are invited and welcome to participate if they feel they can benefit and contribute to the community!

The Community (FREE)

By becoming a member of the Collective , you receive access to:

  • Millennial Manager Circles: The first Wednesday of the month from 5:00-6:30 Eastern Time on Zoom. Provides intentional space for participants to get to know and problem-solve with millennial-identifying managers from around the world.

  • Online Community: A virtual space for members to connect, ask questions, share and find resources, and provide updates to other members.

  • Seasonal Book Club: Read and reflect on books related to leadership and management. Book clubs will read one book every three months and meet virtually once a month to consider and explore core themes (June-August, September-November, January-March)

  • A 25% discount on all Reloveution workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions

Level Up Your Membership

Ready to increase your investment in yourself? Take advantage of these two exclusive professional development opportunities:

  • Support Crews: Designated small groups of approximately 6 people that meet monthly (virtually or in-person) to share, reflect, problem-solve, and build a compassionate system of support and accountability. Spaces are lightly facilitated but designed to be flexible and adaptive to emerging needs. $150 (April-December 2022)

  • Class & Coaching Pass: Gain access to all Reloveution workshops in 2022 (a $1000 value), and up to three one-on-one sessions with a Reloveution coach to dig into challenges, explore your career, or get personalized professional support. Pre-registration is required for workshops. $750 (April-December 2022)

Get Sponsored

Commitment to Equity and Accessibility

  • Reparative Pricing: People of historically marginalized identities who could benefit from financial support may take 30% off, no questions asked. Use the code SOLIDARITY at check out. We encourage you to make generous, open-hearted choices that honestly honor your personal circumstances and any privileges you hold.

  • Childcare Rebate: A rebate of $30/workshop is available by request to ensure that parents can find childcare and commit to learning time. Requests must be made within 30-days of a workshop.

As this is an investment in your professional growth that will directly benefit your organization or team, we encourage you to seek sponsorship from your employer and/or use professional development funds to support your participation in the Millennial Manager Collective. If you are unsure how to do this, check out these templates.


A limited number of external sponsorships are also available. On your enrollment form, please let us know if you need this type of support.

Reloveution is thrilled to open enrollment for an eight-month professional development program for millennial-identifying managers in Hartford County, Connecticut (and the surrounding areas). Fifteen spaces are reserved for professionals who are managing people, teams, projects, or organizations, and who are looking to level up their management and leadership practice. LEARN MORE

A limited number of external sponsorships are also available. On your enrollment form, please let us know if you need this type of support.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!!

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