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 The Reloveution Retreat 

 Reset. Realign. Rise. Reloveutionize. 

September 12 -15, 2024


The Reloveution Retreat is an intimate retreat experience for humans who are in need of a meaningful and strategic break from the "real world" to rediscover themselves, recover and heal from burnout, and/or reconnect with their purpose and passions. We gather in a powerful community of like-hearted humans to learn, refresh, heal, ground, set intentions, and reloveutionize our lives.


Rooted in the power of joy and human connection, we are here to create a safe and sturdy space for you to land, do deep soul work, and lean into the human being you were born to be (even if you don't know who that person quite is right now). 

All humans are welcome at the Reloveution Retreat and we prioritize finding a diverse group of like-hearted folks for this transformational experience. So, yes! This space is for YOU! And we'd be honored for you to join us. 

Looking to reset?

This space is for you.

Looking to center and find grounding?

This space is for you.

Looking to explore new possibilities for your life and/or work?

This space is for you.

Looking to be surrounded by inspirational energy and extraordinary humans?

This space is for you.

Just want to get away from your kids or spouse for a weekend? 

This space is DEFINITELY for you.

Generally our programming includes community gatherings, workshops, outdoor adventures, mindfulness activities, and ample free time for exploring and reflecting. But no matter what we DO, we seek to meet each of our incredible participants where they are (wherever and however they are) and to support their progress toward living a balanced, enriching, authentic, and soul-affirming life on their own terms.

If this sounds interesting and like an experience you could use in your life, book a connection call with us to learn more!

Is This For YOU?

"During the retreat, I had genuine space to connect with the most fundamental parts of myself without judgment from others. I loved how EVERYONE was welcome to the space, and everyone's opinion was valued. Marissa is an incredibly gifted leader and I immensely appreciate her clarity and the way she models vulnerability and living out her values."

Sample Workshop Topics

At past retreats, we have focused on topics like:

Healing from and preventing burnout

Rediscovering self, including values, purpose, strengths, and gifts


Aligning self to goals and dreams and intentions for the future


Work-life integration and setting healthy professional boundaries

Boundaries and self-advocacy

Cultivating mindfulness and grounding practices


Professional identity and the intersection of life and work


Elevating or progressing in career


Emotional intelligence


Managing change and ambiguity


Leadership skills and formation

If any of these areas feel important to where you are in your journey (or there are other things you’re seeking that are aligned), PLEASE join us!


Location & Accomodations

The retreat will take place at Stony Point Center in Stony Point, NY.  We will be making full use of the grounds and surrounding areas with private classes, exclusive dining experiences, and as much outdoor time as the weather will allow. 

Single-bed and double-bed accommodations are available.

Stony Point is a 32-acre retreat facility located about 30 miles NW of NYC in the Hudson Valley. Public transportation is available and carpooling or shared transportation can be arranged for people who need it.


If you are traveling by plane, we recommend flying into Newark, JFK, Laguardia, Stewart, or White Plains. We can help you get to us from there! If possible, please book flights that get you in by midday on Friday and that leave after 3pm on Sunday.

Please note that we do not encourage commuting to and from the retreat. Part of the experience is sharing time and space and this is disrupted when people are moving in and out. 

"This weekend, Marissa helped me come home to myself. I came to the retreat anxious and daunted by major decisions in front of me, feeling reactive and confused about my self-identity. I spent the weekend NOT compulsively writing sprawling to-do lists as I tend to do, but rather reconnecting with the most fundamental aspects of my being."

Timing & Commitment

Folks are welcome to join us on Thursday night or Friday morning to participate in an optional pre-retreat Wellness Day.

Check-in for the standard retreat begins at 3pm on Friday and we request that you arrive in time for dinner at 6pm. Our official program will begin at 7:30pm on Friday and run through 1pm on Sunday. 

Ample free and down time will be included in the agenda to ensure that you get the respite and calm you are looking for.


We respectfully ask that you only sign up if you expect to be able to stay for and participate in the full experience. This is largely about cultivating community, which is hard if people are moving in and out or if they have to leave early.

Ready to commit?


"I had no expectations and all of them were surpassed. I came away with a better understanding of myself, my emotions, how I can regulate them, and how I can pour back into myself thoughtfully and tangibly to make myself a better person, friend, lover, co-worker, partner, family member, and community member."


Our Facilitation Philosophy

Reloveution is deeply committed to creating engaging, inclusive, collaborative, unique, and transformational spaces where we not only impart knowledge but also prioritize and harvest the collective wisdom of the room. We believe that learning is maximized and community is strengthened when human beings of all cognitive and physical abilities can safely absorb, reflect, discuss, apply, and practice skills in community. We also believe that people learn best when they are pushed into their “courage zone,” the space just beyond their comfort zone. Therefore, in every experience we facilitate, you can expect us to utilize independent, small group, and large group activities that provide space for participants to reflect, share their experiences and perspectives, ask questions, safely disagree (even with us!), try new things, and use their creativity.

"The Reloveution retreat was a phenomenal experience that exceeded my expectations. I left feeling refreshed, energized, and reflective. These experiences should be shared by all types of professionals to avoid burnout and facilitate deeper, more meaningful leadership."

Cost of Participation

We always endeavor to make our programming as accessible as possible, and work hard to ensure that our rates are fair and nonexclusive to people of historically marginalized identities. The Reloveution Retreat is therefore offered on a sliding scale.

Registering for the Reloveution retreat gets you two nights of accommodations, six meals, endless coffee, tea, and snacks, all programming, a retreat t-shirt, and a life-changing experience.

Friday Wellness Day

Base Rate: $350

Sliding Scale: $200 - $450


Single Room (2 nights):

Base Rate: $950

Sliding Scale: $800 - $1100

Shared Room (2 nights):

Base Rate: $675

Sliding Scale: $500 - $850


About the Sliding Scale

We don't want you to be intimidated by a lack of a concrete cost! If you need a number, go with the base rate--this is what it takes for us to come out even on our time. Otherwise, there is NO shame in choosing the lowest option, and if you can contribute higher than the midpoint, that helps support others who may not be able to afford as much.


In deciding how much to pay, we encourage you to make generous, open-hearted choices that honestly honors your personal circumstances and any privileges you hold.


Payment plans, scholarships, and sponsorships are available by request. You can indicate financial need on your registration form

Interested in learning more about scholarships, financial accessibility, or any other components of the retreat? 

What Our Participants Say

We are regularly told that there is something special that happens in our workshops and retreats--a sense of connection and positive energy that is not typically experienced in the "real world". Our special sauce is equal parts magical serendipity and intentional facilitation rooted in love. 

If you're on the fence, take it from Sabrina and Jacquelyn!

Agenda at a Glance

**Will be adjusted based on needs and preferences of the group*

Optional Wellness Day (Friday)

8:00-9:00 - Breakfast

9:30-10:30 - Mindfulness Exercises

10:30-12:00 - Healing Circles 

12:00-2:00pm - Lunch & Free Time

2:00-4:00 - Wellness Activities (Yoga, Hike, Art, etc.)


3:00-6:00pm - Arrival & Welcome Reception

6:00-7:00pm - Dinner

7:15-8:15pm - Opening Gathering & Intention Setting

8:15-10:00pm - Social or Free Time


8:00-9:00am - Breakfast

9:15-12:15pm - Morning Gathering & Workshops

12:15-2:30pm - Lunch & Free Time (Group hike by request)

2:30-4:30pm - Afternoon Gathering & Workshops

4:30pm-6:00pm - Free Time

6:00-7:15pm - Dinner

7:15-9:00pm - Evening Gathering, Fire Circle & S'mores


8:00-9:00am - Breakfast

9:15-11:15am - Morning Gathering

11:15-12:00pm - Closing Gathering

12:00-1:00pm - Lunch

Goodbyes & Departure

Ready to Register?

If you are committed to attending this event and would like to register:

Step 1:

Fill out the retreat sign up form by September 13


Step 2:

Submit your payment via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle or Debit/Credit Card (your registration is not confirmed until you have paid).

**We do not want cost to be a barrier or deal breaker for anyone. If you are in need of sponsorship or scholarship, or a payment plan, please reach out to us at** 

If you have any other questions, concerns, or ideas:

Huge Gratitude to Our Sponsors!!

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Interested in Sponsoring the Reloveution Retreat?

We recognize that the ability to attend a retreat like ours is a privilege, and a barrier for many individuals from historically marginalized identities and those who work for nonprofit organizations (often those who need these experiences the most). We therefore offer our retreat on a sliding scale and rely on sponsorships to come out whole! 


We would be honored to have you and/or your company contribute to our Equalization Fund or to become an official sponsor. Your support will demonstrate your dedication to equity and will help us make this experience accessible to people who may not traditionally be able to attend. 

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