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Walk in Nature

Wisdom Walks

Experiential coaching for humans on the move

Research indicates that walking greatly improves the functioning of the brain's frontal lobe, which is responsible for problem-solving, reasoning, and creativity. Anchored in this science, Reloveution's Wisdom Walks combine the physical activity of walking and wandering with a unique coaching framework. We help you break away from your everyday environments to connect with yourself (and others), gain deeper insight, uncover higher truth, and find solutions to your biggest challenges and wonderings.

All you need is an open mind and a comfortable pair of shoes*!

* We can find ADA compliant walks for folks who may use a wheelchair or other mobility devices! 

Walking Club

Our Framework

  • 60-90min walk 

  • Intention & Goal Setting

  • Independent Processing & Reflection Time

  • Group Coaching Questioning Protocol

  • Group Coaching Listening Protocol


Small Groups

We are happy to walk with you one-on-one AND see tremendous power in human beings coming together with a common intention of moving, listening, and supporting each other. Wisdom walking with a small group allows for walkers to tap into deeper parts of themselves and have access to collective wisdom.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Accessibility & Safety

To ensure your comfort and safety, you can choose the length of walk, level of intensity, walking location, and type of walk when you book your Wisdom Walk. All walks, from short to long and easy to hard, offer opportunities for learning and growth.

Our Approach

Every Wisdom Walk is as unique as the humans who participate. We commit to meeting you where you are and supporting you on your journey with compassion and a deep trust that you know yourself best.

Our approach was developed using best practices and research from multiple disciplines including group psychology, social work, leadership development, adult learning theory, conflict resolution, restorative justice, group coaching, and movement therapy.  

Our process involves deep, empathetic listening (to self and others), creative visioning and problem-solving, purposeful and compassionate questioning, and powerful pauses for reflection and processing. Your adventure guide will hold the space, support the group in implementing the framework, offer observations and support, and provide follow-up resources as needed.

Why a Wisdom Walk?

Engage your body, mind, and soul to move closer to your goals and dreams


Step (literally) into a more powerful, confident, and conscious form of being in the world


Connect with your outer environment and your inner truth


Be in the present without distractions


Get out of your office or Zoom box



Experience openness and freedom


Connect with like-hearted humans committed to learning, growth, and community


Discover your path and find the courage to follow it

Who are Wisdom Walks For?

We walk with leaders, changemakers, teams, groups, and organizations who are:

  • Seeking clarity and purpose

  • Feeling stuck and yearning for answers and solutions to leadership and organizational challenges

  • Burned out or stuck in cycles of martyrdom/self-sacrifice 

  • Struggling with maintaining boundaries

  • Challenged by conflict or interpersonal dynamics

  • Impacted by mergers, acquisitions, lay-offs, restructures, or organizational change

  • Preparing for small shifts or radical changes 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are currently only offering Wisdom Walks within one-hour of Hartford, Connecticut OR in connection to existing partnerships in other locations. Please connect with us to learn about bringing a Walk to your city, town, or organization!!

We can also lead Wisdom Walks as a part of conferences, retreats, teambuilding events, and offsites!!

Let's Walk Together!

Autumn Woods


Sign Up for a Public Walk

Want to join a group of like-hearted humans interested in collective learning and growth?. Click below to see our upcoming public walks in Hartford County, CT!

Capped at 5 people


Sign Up With Your Own Group

Have a pre-existing group of friends or colleagues that's interested in doing a Wisdom Walk together? Click below to sign up your group!


Capped at 5 people 


Book a 1:1
Wisdom Walk

Prefer a more intimate experience? Click below to book your exclusive, one-on-one Wisdom Walk! 

Currently only booking within one hour of Hartford, CT or virtually


We are currently only offering group Wisdom Walks within one-hour of Hartford, Connecticut OR in connection to existing partnerships in other locations. Please connect with us to learn about bringing a Walk to your city, town, group or organization!!

We look forward to walking with you soon!!

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