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Experiences for Organizations & Humans

We partner with organizations and humans who are committed to making the world a better place through their leadership, products, or a commitment to social responsibility.

Are you personally feeling stuck, burned out, or challenged in your work, role, leadership, or management, or yearning to rediscover who you are? Or are you losing sleep over things like work culture, employee retention, employee engagement or morale, burnout, communication, collaboration, and/or trust? Check out our unique learning and community experiences!


"Marissa is an amazing facilitator and strategic partner. Reloveution's programs speak to the humanity that exists within all of us and teaches leaders how to navigate that humanity in professional contexts. Often, I attend workshops that feel draining, time-consuming, and uninspiring. Reloveution does things differently and the tools, resources, and materials we received are refreshing and useful."

Shontai Hollingsworth,
St. Nick’s Alliance


"Reloveution came in to help our team learn how to work together and function as a collective. We were able to successfully build a foundation of mutual understanding and trust that serves to benefit our working relationships. Reloveution deviates from the traditional teambuilding work by truly helping people understand what makes their teammates tick. This creates a true workplace culture of togetherness and belonging." 

Kaleb Figuroa,
Program Manager


"Marissa offers a special combination of kind-heartedness and professionalism that is rare. Thanks to Marissa, our team members enjoyed a relaxed yet purposeful and productive Board retreat."

Deb Bibbins,
For All Ages

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