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Humanize your workplace.

Turn good intentions into an effective organizational strategy that puts your people first.

Customized Solutions for Your Biggest Workplace Challenges



Insights and diagnostics on where your organization could use a bit more HEART (humanity, empathy, authenticity, relationships, and trust).

Reloveutionary Leaders Program


Cohort-based leadership training for individual managers or leaders looking to strengthen their practice.

Why a HEART audit?

Organization values that match organization culture.


It’s time to humanize the workplace. We are here to help your organization match your company values to your ideal company culture. It is easy to post your values on your website, and without intentional strategy, these values are often unfulfilled in practice. We can help get your organization on track with research-driven action items that foster meaningful change for your workplace and its people.

Strategizing with heart improves the bottom line.


Employee retention has never been so important - every year, there are $300B in business losses due to stress and unhappiness in the workplace. We help organizations diagnose their growth points and set up a sustainable treatment plan. When you put heart at the center of your workplace, you save your people and your money, building a more resilient organization.

Long-term guidance and sustainable impact.


Our services don’t begin and end with a few interviews and some metrics. We provide long-term guidance and support, allowing for sustainable implementation of new practices. We recognize that cultural change takes more than a handful of workshops to transform your workplace. Let us help your good intentions become a tangible strategy.


How Reloveution® helped Shontai

Marissa is an amazing facilitator. She has a way of speaking to the humanity that exists within all of us and helping navigate those qualities professionally. The content of the workshop is unique and refreshing. Often times I attend professional developments that feel draining and time consuming. There are few if any takeaways that truly inspire me professionally. This workshop encouraged me to lead with compassion. The tools and materials we received will be useful when conducting staff and stakeholder meetings.

Shontai Hollingsworth, NY Edge

Why Reloveutionary Leaders?

Infuse your leadership skills with compassion.


We don’t just believe in compassionate leadership strategy - research shows that 77% of workers are willing to work more hours if they are in a compassionate environment. When you lead with heart, you meet the needs of your employees and maximize the effectiveness of your people and your team.

Effective leadership training for all.


At Reloveution, we believe in empowering humans from all backgrounds with the tools to make them effective leaders. This is why we offer a reparative pricing model and virtual childcare, so that anyone can overcome barriers to entry.

Practical skills and a community to support you.


During our program, you will discover and develop your own leadership philosophy, supported by practical leadership skills and a powerful community of reloveutionary leaders. When 80% of America’s workforce is stressed out because of work, we give you the tools to better support your employees and improve your team’s bottom line.


How Reloveutionary Leaders helped Louise

Growth happened for all that attended. Marissa is even more amazing than I knew. She seriously was born to do this. She helped us learn how to "lean into our mission" as humans and leaders... It just felt so safe to be vulnerable and everyone went all the way. It was a great group of people. Everyone was just so thoughtful. I feel very restored and ready to take life on. And hopeful.

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Humanize your workplace to better meet your organization's goals and develop compassionate leaders.

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