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Learning & Community Experiences for Organizations & Teams

We help you build and sustain an organizational ecosystem that supports your people, your mission, AND your bottom line.

Our game-changing learning and community experiences help your organization strengthen its culture, build the capacity of leaders and managers, improve team cohesion, and empower your humans with the skills, mindsets, confidence, knowledge, and community they need to succeed in the modern world of work. All without unnecessary human suffering or turnover. 

Our Signature Experiences

Workshops & Learning Experiences

Equip your people with the skills, knowledge, expertise, and mindsets they need to excel in their roles and in your organization. 


Sample topic list here


& Offsites

Bring your team together IRL to build relationships, strengthen trust, move towards goals, and realign on priorities. Partial to full facilitation available.  


Why Hire An External Facilitator

Leadership & Management Intensives

Develop, prepare, and invest in your current and aspiring leaders/managers with programs customized to their needs and your culture. 2-day to multi-month programs available.

1:1 & Small Group Coaching

Give your people on-demand and ongoing access to our diverse network of expert coaches and advisors to help them deepen their skills, expedite their growth, and advance their careers.

Looking or hoping for something different? The experiences described above are just a snapshot of what we can offer and we'd love to connect to hear how we can meet your needs and realize your dreams.  

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Our Expertise

We are NOT cookie-cutter consultants or conventional facilitators and believe that experiences should be as unique as you, your team, and your organization. We are committed to getting to know you, listening deeply to your needs, and partnering to create an experience that surpasses your wildest expectations. 

Every experience we design is grounded in research, best practices, and decades of lived experience. We are experts in organizational psychology, leadership development, adult learning theory, conflict resolution, restorative practices, and human behavior. We apply this expertise (and the expertise of our partners) to help organizations:

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Address & Prevent
Group Discussion
Engage & Motivate Employees
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Build & Strengthen Relationships
Image by Afif Ramdhasuma
Mediate & De-Escalate Conflict
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Define & Strengthen
Work Culture
Training course
Train & Develop Leaders/Managers
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Values & Expectations
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Marissa has been a phenomenal supporter of our organization since day 1. She has helped us identify our needs and provided us with trainings, she's connected us with outstanding coaches and cohorts for our leaders, and facilitated multiple on-site staff retreats. Not only has she responded to our requests with care and great thought, but she has proactively reached out with much needed support even when we were too busy to ask. Our last year of working with Marissa and Reloveution has been wonderful and we can't wait for more!”  

Marti Bier
Vice President of Programs, Texas Freedom Network

Our Special Sauce

We are regularly told that there is something special that happens in our community learning experiences--a sense of connection and positive energy that is not typically experienced in professional environments. Our special sauce is equal parts magical serendipity and intentional facilitation rooted in love. 

No matter the experience we are designing, we are your adventure guides for accomplishing your and your team's core goals in an accessible, fun, and constructive way. We are experts in crafting experiences that meet people where they are, break down barriers to entry, and create space for people to show up authentically and courageously. How do we do that?


  • The activities we design are always intentional (no corny icebreakers here!) and grounded in deep understanding of humans and how to move individuals and groups toward common goals.

  • We not only impart knowledge but also prioritize and harvest the collective wisdom of the room

  • We prioritize accessibility and work hard to ensure that human beings of all cognitive and physical abilities can safely absorb, reflect, discuss, apply, and practice skills in community.

  • We create a safe space for people to enter their “courage zone,” the space just beyond their comfort zone (where learning is most powerful).

  • We are well-equipped to handle inevitable conflict and tension, and believe strongly in a good pivot should what we plan not align with the real-time energy or needs of the group.

  • We use interactive and engaging modalities rooted in adult learning theory, psychology, and real human experiences. We avoid lecture and passive activities as much as possible!

We held an offsite for our remote US team and used Reloveution for planning and facilitation. If you are starting to think about how to meet the need for IRL connection in our new remote normal, I've never had a better experience (or, frankly, one that comes close in comparison) in terms of team building structure and activities. As a bonus, they were incredibly helpful and accommodating around our specific needs re: budget, travel and safety precautions.

Jenna Mackey
Head of Finance, Rasa Technologies


Happy Partners

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Interested in any of the above experiences or something not listed?


Pricing Philosophy

At Reloveution, we endeavor to make our programming as accessible as possible, and work hard to ensure that our rates are fair and nonexclusive to the organizations and humans who want to work with us. We encourage you to reach out to explore options rather than just saying "no" or assuming you can't afford it. We commit to listening to what feels fair to you and being honest about what feels fair to us.

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