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Community Learning Experiences for Humans

We help you build the skills and community you need to be a more effective leader, confidently navigate a soul-affirming professional journey, and transform status quo workplace and leadership paradigms. All without burnout or self-sacrifice.

Our public-facing community learning experiences bring humans together to not only learn from us but also to learn from each other. We believe that solving our most pressing professional and workplace challenges requires a collaborative approach in which we all share expertise, wisdom, and lived experiences. By pooling the resources of our minds and our souls, we enhance learning, deepen collective understanding, AND mitigate the isolation and loneliness so many of us feel.

If you are a mid, senior, or executive-level leader or entrepreneur looking to unlock your leadership potential, find solutions to critical professional challenges, build powerful community and connection, and/or become more courageous and confident in life and work, our community learning experiences are for YOU. 

Our Signature Experiences

We are regularly told that there is something special that happens in our community learning experiences--a sense of connection and positive energy that is not typically experienced in professional environments. Our special sauce is equal parts magical serendipity and intentional facilitation rooted in love. 

Community Learning Cohorts

Quarterly learning experiences on a central topic.

Annual Reloveution Retreat

Our signature Fall event in Stony Point, NY

Coaching &


Individualized support on your professional journey



Experiential coaching for humans on the move

Leadership Renewal Retreats

One-day retreats for leaders and changemakers


Power Hours

Learn from experts about salient leadership topics

Looking or hoping for something different? The experiences described above are just a snapshot of what we can offer and we'd love to connect to hear how we can meet your needs and realize your dreams.  

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Community Learning Cohorts

Every quarter, we run a community learning cohort focused a topic of interest related to leadership, management, work culture, or timely events/circumstances. These experiences blend formal professional development and learning with the opportunity to share space, wisdom, and lived experiences with a diverse group of like-hearted leaders and changemakers.

Upcoming Cohorts

  • Navigating the Emotional Dynamics of Leadership (Summer 2024)

  • Finding Direction and Connection Ahead of the 2024 Election (Fall 2024)

  • Exploring and Addressing Conflict at Work (Winter 2025)

  • Compassionate & Healing Leadership for the Modern Workplace (Spring 2025)

  • Manager Training Camp (Summer 2025)

  • Maximizing Leadership Influence (Fall 2025)

Cohort topics are subject to change based on emerging needs and energies. 

Coaching & Advisory

As your coach, I work with you to build an authentic, sustainable, and soul-affirming professional identity that works YOU and your unique life. I meet you where you are and am a thought partner, advisor, and cheerleader during the joys, the pains, the wins, and the losses. I believe in YOU and want to support you in reaching your highest goals (even if you don't know what those are yet)! 


I and our network of compassionate coaches are committed to helping you:


  • Develop a stronger and more authentic philosophical foundation for your professional work and role

  • Become clearer about your goals and the steps you need to take to reach those goals

  • Improve your self-awareness and understand how your attitudes, mindsets, beliefs, behaviors, and actions are serving or not serving you

  • Become more courageous and more confident in yourself and your work

  • Learn concrete and authentic skills and strategies for leaning into the professional YOU want to be

  • Become a stronger, more grounded, and more resilient manager and leader

Leadership Renewal Retreats

Our Leadership Renewal Retreats are immersive, intimate, and supportive spaces for remarkable humans like you to explore, grow, connect, problem-solve, heal from burnout, and find grounding for the work ahead. Given the complexities and emotional labor of leadership these days, we are on a mission to build a transformational community experience that not only supports your professional journey but also nourishes your personal growth. This is a unique opportunity to realign priorities, gain fresh perspectives, and equip yourself with invaluable tools and strategies to navigate your leadership journey, wherever you find yourself along it!

Power Hours

Reloveution's monthly Power Hours are free, webinar-style learning experiences focused on a topic related to leadership, management, professional wellbeing, professional identity, and/or work culture. These are live sessions, and are recorded and shared with participants for continuous viewing and learning. The first thirty minutes are spent sharing information, tips, strategies, and ideas, and the second thirty minutes is for answering questions!

Power hours are from 12:00-1:00pm ET on the second/third Tuesday of the month. You are more than welcome to join with cameras off or by phone and active participation is not necessarily expected (though it's always more fun!)

Millennial Manager Collective

The Millennial Manager Collective (MMC) is a diverse virtual community where millennial-identifying managers come to learn, network, problem-solve, level-up, collaborate, commiserate, and get/offer support. We know how hard being a manager can be, and strive to create a space where mid- to senior-level professionals can become more effective and authentic leaders without burning out or martyring themselves. Our goal is to ensure that every millennial manager has the skills, mindsets, resources, and community they need to progress in their careers and manage well in increasingly complex times.

We enroll new members quarterly (January, April, July, October). 

Wisdom Walks

Research indicates that walking greatly improves the functioning of the brain's frontal lobe, which is responsible for problem-solving, reasoning, and creativity. Anchored in this science, Reloveution's Wisdom Walks combine the physical activity of walking and wandering with a unique coaching framework. We help you break away from your everyday environments to connect with yourself (and others), gain deeper insight, uncover higher truth, and find solutions to your biggest challenges and wonderings.

Public Wisdom Walks are currently only offered within one hour of Hartford, CT. We can also offer them as a part of conferences, retreats/offsites, or organizational benefits.


Marissa's special sauce is her genuine and authentic approach to humans and communication. She immediately made me feel welcomed, and at ease with the group. Her approach to hosting and facilitating [community experiences] using the zone of proximal learning (the comfort vs healthy discomfort vs danger zones for sharing) as a model for sharing and participating is so healthy. She doesn't ask anyone to do anything that she wouldn't feel comfortable doing and in doing so sets clear boundaries, an environment for learning and growing, and an atmosphere of trust. I have left both [events I attended] feeling inspired and with a greater sense of clarity in my leadership role and in my personal life.

Catherine Dunlavey

Owner, WildFlower Studios

Interested in any of the above experiences or something not listed?

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