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Coaching & Advisory Services

Reloveution has a team of coaches and advisors standing by to walk with and support you on your professional journey. Whether you're looking to explore your career pathway, dig deep into a leadership or management challenge, get advice on navigating complex workplace dynamics, manage your burnout, or just to talk to someone who "gets it," we'd be honored to work with you.  

We also offer bundled coaching services to companies looking to integrate coaching into their culture and employee benefits.

Options & Packages

Professional or Leadership Coaching

Explore your values, passions, leadership style, career pathways, leadership or management challenges, workplace interpersonal dynamics, advocating for yourself, or whatever you else you need.


Blend highly focused coaching with the physical activity of walking and wandering to discover direction, uncover truth, and find solutions to your biggest challenges. Experiential coaching for humans on the move.

Burnout Coaching & Support

Explore the root causes of your burnout and/or compassion fatigue, process your workplace trauma, and create a sustainable strategy for healing from and preventing chronic stress and burnout.


Explore the intersection of and synergy between your professional life and your spiritual self. Cultivate awareness and an understanding of what you are meant to do in the universe with your unique gifts. 

Strategy & Advisory Sessions

Dig deep into a workplace challenge you are experiencing and problem-solve around potential solutions. Leave with a concrete plan for addressing the challenge in both the short and long term.

Small Group

Work with a small group that meets regularly to cultivate collective wisdom, offer support and solidarity, and find solutions to pressing life and work challenges. Create your own group or have us make one!

The Logistics

We design all coaching and advisory services based on the specific needs and preferences of the people or groups who reach out to us. We encourage folks to start with a package of 3-5 sessions at a cadence of one to two times per month, though most people choose to continue for far longer than their starter package.  

Book a connection call to tell us what you're looking for and to explore your options! 

What Folks Say

"I only had 3 sessions with Marissa, and the way she has been able to help me grow as a leader and develop managerial frameworks and approaches is truly invaluable. She has challenged my thinking while also providing intentional resources. Every time I had a session with her, it was clear that she was dedicated to helping me solve the problems I was facing. With her coaching, I feel like I’ve really been able to strengthen my leadership skills and overall lead with HEART." -- Anna T. 

"I feel like I could run a marathon right now. I left my session feeling re-energized and focused on my next steps at my organization. I am blown away at all we were able to cover in just an hour. So grateful for super clear advice and encouragement!" -- Whitney S.

""My coach's down to earth approach was very easy to connect with and she gave me some helpful actionable advice that helped me process the org change we're going through and made me feel heard." 

"Wisdom Walks have helped me learn to lead from my heart and get out of my head. Marissa has a way of drawing out my inner wisdom through questions and activities that both challenge and inspire." -- Heather M.

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