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Community Learning Cohorts

Every quarter, we run a virtual community learning cohort focused on a topic of interest related to leadership, management, work culture, or timely events/circumstances. These experiences blend formal professional development and learning with the opportunity to share space, wisdom, and lived experiences with a diverse group of like-hearted leaders and changemakers. Click here to learn more about our upcoming cohorts!

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Navigating the

Emotional Dynamics of Leadership

Summer 2024

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Finding Direction & Connection Ahead of 2024 Election

Fall 2024

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Exploring &

Addressing Conflict

at Work

Winter 2025

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Compassionate & Healing Leadership for the Modern Workplace

Spring 2025

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Our Special Sauce

We are regularly told that there is something special that happens in our community learning experiences--a sense of connection and positive energy that is not typically experienced in professional environments. Our special sauce is equal parts magical serendipity and intentional facilitation rooted in love. 

No matter the experience we are designing, we are your adventure guides for accomplishing cohort participants' core goals in an accessible, fun, and constructive way. We commit to meeting you where you are, breaking down barriers to entry, and creating space for you and others to show up authentically and courageously. How do we do that?


  • The activities we design are always intentional (no corny icebreakers here!) and grounded in deep understanding of humans and how to move individuals and groups toward common goals.

  • We not only impart knowledge but also prioritize and harvest the collective wisdom of the room

  • We prioritize accessibility and work hard to ensure that human beings of all cognitive and physical abilities can safely absorb, reflect, discuss, apply, and practice skills in community.

  • We create a safe space for people to enter their “courage zone,” the space just beyond their comfort zone (where learning is most powerful).

  • We are well-equipped to handle inevitable conflict and tension, and believe strongly in a good pivot should what we plan not align with the real-time energy or needs of the group.

  • We use interactive and engaging modalities rooted in adult learning theory, psychology, and real human experiences. We avoid lecture and passive activities as much as possible!


The content was great, but connecting with the group and knowing that the struggles are universal-- that gave me power, inspiration, and confidence. I loved the distillation of research and strategies in the sessions and the takeaway lists/handouts were very helpful. It was wonderful to be able to practice these skills in a safe space.

Andrea Janov
Head of People & Culture

Community Learning Cohorts are designed for:

  • Leaders and professionals looking to deepen their leadership effectiveness (all industries and levels of experience welcome unless otherwise specified!)

  • People who are growth-oriented, curious, open-minded, and dedicated to professional and personal development

  • People who seek and value being part of an intimate and powerful community of leaders, learners, and changemakers

  • Humans who know or want to learn about how leadership and management can be used as vehicles for changing the world

These cohorts are not designed for people looking for quick fixes, passive learning opportunities, or lecture-only content. 

Upcoming Cohorts

All sessions are from 12:00-1:30pm ET unless otherwise noted!

The Investment

Reloveution is committed to making our programs and services as accessible as possible, and we work hard to ensure that our rates are fair and nonexclusive to both humans of historically marginalized identities and organizations of more limited means and resources. To address resource gaps and inequities in access to high-quality professional development and consulting services, all Community Learning Cohorts are offered on a sliding scale from $500-$800.


We highly recommend using professional development dollars and/or seeking sponsorship from your employer to participate. We are happy to provide any required documentation of professional development hours and content.

Not sure what to pay?

  • There is no shame in any amount you choose and you will receive the same experience regardless!

  • You can assume that the midpoint ($650) is what it takes for us to come out even on our time.

  • If you can afford more than $650, anything more will support others who might not be able to pay the midpoint.

  • If you can't afford anything within this range, just list what you are able pay! We will honor that amount.


Please email if you need a payment plan, a scholarship, or a different payment method!!


"We cannot say enough about the value of this experience for our company. We invested in this opportunity for our General Manager. The amount of excitement after each session was palpable, and he consistently shared his newfound leadership skills and how to best communicate and manage staff with compassion. He now has these awesome tools on how prevent staff burnout, help staff achieve goals, and take ownership in their current roles. We highly recommend any [learning experiences] Reloveution has to offer, and believe all the information received by others will help other companies as it helped ours!"

Amy Nehrke

CEO, StretchZone Broomfield

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