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Enroll in MMC

You can choose to renew your membership annually (our preference) or quarterly. You receive the same benefits regardless of the plan your choose! Click the appropriate link below to complete your enrollment in MMC for our next cohort!

It is very important to us that MMC members are aligned and agree to upholding our values and expectations. Before you enroll, we ask that you please carefully review our expectations for the community. You can review these here:

By completing your enrollment, you commit to upholding the values of MMC and understand our refund policy


Annual Membership

Renews annually in whatever quarter you join


Quarterly Membership

Renews January 1, April 1, July 1, & October 1

Important Note:
Your initial payment will be processed immediately. However, your subscription will renew based on your cohort launch date and the subscription model you choose (January, April, July, October)

Our Commitment to Inclusion

Reloveution recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion in all forms. We strive to make our programming as accessible as possible and keep our rates fair and nonexclusive, especially to people of historically marginalized identities.


If you identify as a part of a historically excluded group or if you are in a position where the membership rate is too high for your current budget, you can use the following codes at checkout no questions asked:


Reparative Pricing (30% off): SOLIDARITY30

Nonprofit Professional Discount (20% off): HELPER20


In deciding whether to use the discounts, we encourage you to honestly consider your personal circumstances and the privileges you hold.

To request a payment plan email

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