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Leading with Purpose 2024

A Game-Changing Retreat for Women* in Senior Leadership

✌︎  NYC  ✌︎  Washington DC  ✌︎  Chicago  ✌︎  Austin  ✌︎  San Francisco  ✌︎

*We welcome all women, including cis, trans, and queer women 

Registration for LwP is now closed in all Cities. Check out other public programs here


Leading with Purpose (LwP) is a one-day retreat experience for women in leadership to build their capacity to effectively and sustainably lead in the modern world of work. We know how hard and lonely it can be at the "top" and how many demands women in leadership have to juggle. Within a supportive and extraordinary community of like-hearted humans, our goal is to help you realign your priorities, (re)claim your power, build confidence, share knowledge and tools, and find solutions to your biggest leadership challenges.

Above all, at LwP, we commit to creating a container where you feel seen, heard, and cared for, and we can't wait to be on the journey with you.   

Susan B. Anthony

Is This Experience for YOU?

🖤 Are you confident about where you're going but looking for a community to make the journey with you?


🖤 Are you itching for something more and seeking grace, space, and time to explore what's possible?


🖤Are you struggling in your role and need new tools/strategies for navigating your leadership or career?



You're NOT alone! Join us to find your tribe, clarify your vision, and live your purpose!


LwP is for you if you are a woman* (cis or trans) who is...

  • A leader in an organization or team of 3+ full-time employees, part-time employees, contractors, or volunteers; 

  • A role model for other women (whether or not you choose/want to be);

  • Yearning for community, a restart, and/or time with peers to share, commiserate, strategize, and dream;

  • Struggling with the emotional labor of leadership, burnout, maintaining professional wellness, cultivating well being, and/or work-life integration;

  • Feeling a tug to "more" but not sure where or how to start; and/or

  • Committed to changing the world, challenging the status quo, creating impact in communities or on teams, and/or shifting systems/thinking in work or world. 

In this space, we celebrate and affirm diversity in all forms and welcome people from all industries and backgrounds.You do not need to check off every one of the above items! If some are true, this space will be an amazing space for you and we hope you'll choose to join us! 

Note: The group in each City will be capped at 15 people so sign up soon!

* non-binary, gender-expansive humans are welcome!

Women Holding Hands
"Marissa is a brilliant facilitator and guides the group through every step of whatever activity you’re doing while ALSO giving time for reflection and independent discovery. Honestly, it’s a magical experience."

Dina Du Val

The Value We Offer

We seek to create a safe and inclusive environment for deep learning, powerful community building, and intentional skill/mindset development. Each stop on the tour will have slightly different outcomes based on the individuals who sign up and their needs (the magic is in the customization). However, you and all participants can expect to walk away with:


  • New skills, frameworks, tools, and resources for improved effectiveness as a senior leader, especially in relation to being a female leader

  • Ideas and solutions for overcoming your unique leadership and professional challenges

  • Goals and next steps for sustaining your leadership and professional wellbeing in the short and long term 

  • Enhanced understanding of where you are and where you’re going in work and in life

  • A community of like-hearted woman/female-identifying people to connect and exchange ideas with beyond the Retreat

  • Renewed energy for leadership, mission, personal/professional growth and changing the world


What’s the ROI (return on investment) for your organization or team? 

We know that it can be hard to justify investing time and money into leadership development experiences. Your participation will not only benefit you individually but also yield positive outcomes for your team and organization!


  • Getting away from the daily grind opens space in your brain for innovation, creativity, and new possibility

  • New connections with like-hearted peers leads to new opportunities for business collaborations and partnerships

  • Building a stronger network of support and trusted peers offers more options for when things get hard

  • Collaborative problem-solving time exposes you to outside-the-box and innovative solutions to tactical and adaptive challenges facing your team or company

  • Building your wellbeing and renewing your energy helps manifest wellbeing, confidence, and energy for the people and/or communities you lead

  • Establishing a stronger vision for your leadership allows you to focus in on what matters most with your team and amplify opportunity for others


And this is just the beginning! These experiences tend to have ripple effects for years to come, and we are so excited for the impact we will create together! 

Untitled design (8).png
"Attending [a retreat with Reloveution] means entering a space where you won't leave the same way you came in. It's a place where you build new, meaningful relationships with like-hearted individuals who genuinely support you on your journey. You'll find the support you didn't even know you needed. This is a space where you can rediscover your courage, heal from burnout, and redefine your purpose and passions."

Tahina Pierce

What to Expect

Each Retreat will run from breakfast to sunset, with programming beginning with an optional wellness activity before breakfast and ending with a community happy hour and reception. During the day, a full agenda of activities will be offered, including small and large group activities, independent reflection, collaborative problem-solving time, and action planning. We promise you an itinerary brimming with purposeful human connection, abundant joy, deep discernment, and powerful opportunities for transformation. 


All participants will have access to a Directory of retreat attendees from across the country and the opportunity to meet virtually for a reunion towards the end of 2024.  


Sample Agenda


8:00-8:30 - Optional Wellness Activity

8:30-9:00 - Networking and Light Breakfast

9:00-10:00 - Welcome & Grounding

10:00-11:15 - Morning Session 1

11:15-12:00 - Morning Session 2

12:00-2:30 - Lunch & Community-Building Activity

2:45-4:45 - Afternoon Session 

4:45-5:30 - Closing & Action Planning

5:45-7:00 - Optional Happy Hour & Closing Reception


**One-on-one coaching available following the retreat for an additional cost

Untitled design 9.png
"The best part was the bond that we were able to create in just one day with other women in leadership. It was incredibly humbling and impactful to be in the presence of so many individuals who are doing amazing things professionally and personally. I loved the different activities that were put in place for us to be vulnerable, problem solve and get to know ourselves and each other."

Princess Hyatt

Coming to a City Near You!

City Outline
Washington Monument
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San Francisco.jpg

January 19
New York City

February 23
Washington DC

April 5

June 7

August 2
San Francisco

Don't see your city listed? Know 10-15 women in senior leadership who would benefit from an experience like this? Reach out to us about bringing LwP to your community, organization, or group!

Registration for LwP is now closed in all Cities. Check out other public programs here

The Investment

Your ticket to LwP includes two meals (breakfast & lunch), a closing reception with light hors d'oeuvres and refreshments, and a life-changing experience with a game-changing community of women. In alignment with our commitment to equity and inclusion, the experience is offered on a sliding scale from $425-650. 


Reloveution and WINNEvents endeavor to make our programming as accessible as possible, and work hard to ensure that our rates are fair and inclusive of humans who want to attend one of our experiences. If the sliding scale does not align with your professional development budget, we can arrange a payment plan that suits your needs . Your professional growth and development are important to us, and we are here to support your participation in every way we can.

Since this is a professional and leadership development event, we strongly recommend seeking support from your organization to attend. Here’s a note you may share to make your case! Please let us know if anything else would be helpful.

"Anything Marissa puts together is sure to be worth every minute and every penny"

Jacquelyn Richards

Your Experience Team

Prema & Marissa.png
Reloveution Logo-Registered_edited.png

Marissa Badgley, Founder of Reloveution, will be your primary facilitator and adventure guide throughout the retreat experience. Marissa is a globally recognized work culture transformation expert and facilitator with a dynamic background in organizational psychology, leadership development, education, conflict resolution, and social work. Since founding Reloveution in 2019, Marissa has worked with 100+ companies and tens of thousands of current and emerging leaders worldwide, facilitating transformational learning and community experiences that propel humans, teams, and entire organizations toward excellence, justice, and love.


Grounded in her Quaker faith and inspired by her own experiences of burnout and trauma in organizations, Marissa is on a mission to help leaders holistically prevent what happened to her from happening to their people and themselves. She believes that love, compassion, and community are the foundation for changing the world, and has developed unique tools and frameworks for supporting humans AND the bottom line. 


Marissa holds a MSW in organizational and leadership development from Washington University in St. Louis and a BA from Franklin & Marshall College.


Prema Winn, Founder of WinnEvents, will be the behind-the-scenes magician to ensure your experience is everything you need/want/dream it to be. For over 16 years, Prema has worked with corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs to bring ideas to life. Through strategic consultation and a keen ear to purpose, WINN Events creates in-person experiences that are bespoke to you.

WINN logo - black.png

How to Register

  1. Work with your organization to secure professional development dollars to cover the experience. Sample letter here.

  2. Sign up here:

  3. That's It! You're In! Sit back and wait for the magic to come! 

If you need a payment plan or financial assistance, or if you have any questions, please email 

Registration for LwP is now closed in all Cities. Check out other public programs here

Morgan James, NY

"This is a carefully curated experience that helps you reconnect with your sense of purpose and self while building a new community of support. You will leave the retreat feeling grounded, refreshed and motivated to take on new challenges."
Tarilyn Little

Alexa Young, CA

"[The Retreat] had a profound, lasting impact on my relationship with myself and others. I felt deeply supported and validated from the first moment to the last goodbye.
Marissa has an uncanny ability to rapidly build community and mutual trust, which made it safe to let my guard down and connect with my truth. You can hardly put a price on the value Reloveution provides!"
Sabrina Yudelson
"If you want to add tools to your leadership tool kit, attending a retreat facilitated by Marissa Badgley will help you get there.This retreat that I attended through Reloveution was monumental into helping me realize and clarify my vision for the next steps in my professional life."
Lily Bergstein

Lisa Driver, MI

Can't Attend LwP but Interested in Other Experiences?

Check out Reloveution's public programs and our annual Reloveution Retreat!

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