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Together We Can Liberate

This past Monday was my Liberation Day--the second anniversary of the day I walked out of my NYC office building for the last time.

I remember the sensations of that moment so clearly. The air smelled like warm pretzels with a subtle overlay of human sweat, gasoline, and garbage (where my New Yorkers at?). The sky was crystal clear. And as I walked out that golden revolving door into the unknown, my heart and soul instantly lightened.

I was free. Free to follow my heart. Free to dream. Free to simply be. Free to be me.

That fleeting moment and the profound journey of liberation that has followed over the last two years have been transformative. In my life, I do everything in my power to help others find the freedom they are seeking and to know that they deserve it.

And in my work, I strive to help businesses of all shapes and sizes build systems and cultures that people don't feel trapped in or abused by to begin with.

Both the personal and systems-level work are necessary and I feel so lucky to be in a position where I get to regularly witness and foster the shattering of the status quo, the disruption of harmful narratives, the transformation of hearts, and the lightening of souls.

Together, we are moving toward a more liberated future in which human beings value themselves AND systems/organizations value them back.

Sound reloveutionary? It is. But it shouldn't be. And that's why we're here.

If you're feeling stuck in a rut or are curious about how to ignite or lean into your own liberation journey, join Reloveution and A Wild Liberation on July 24 for a one-day Liberation Retreat in Simsbury, CT.

We'll be dreaming together, playing together, building awareness together, and learning how to tap into our own authentic magic to create the world and changes we desire. Plus, there will be a river for plunging and a fire for roasting. Learn more and sign up here.

And if Connecticut is a little too far for a day-trip, let's find some time for a one-on-one liberation-focused strategy session!

Whether either of those opportunities is your cup of tea, I leave you with this...

Liberation doesn't need to mean anything huge like quitting your job or leaving a relationship or moving across the country or starting your own business. Our liberation lies in the choices we make about how we spend our time and energy. It comes from noticing and honoring our humanity and the complexity that comes with it. Liberation is about not letting fear take residence in our bodies, about releasing the self-doubt and insecurities that so often hold us back.

Liberation begins when you embrace who you truly are and make the courageous (and not at all selfish) choice to radically love and care for yourself. And your liberation is strengthened when you can extend that same love and care to others without compromising your own freedom or truth.

That intersection is where the magic happens. Together we can.

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