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Transform organizational culture and leadership with heart.

We help organizations build strong, sustainable, and healthy workplaces with engaged and motivated employees, powerful leadership, prepared managers, and compassionate, human-centered cultures.


Our unique interventions support the wellbeing of human beings AND your company's bottom line.

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Whether you're looking to jumpstart your work culture, solve for burnout, build more effective teams, or strengthen the effectiveness of your managers, we can help! 

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Through professional coaching, personalized advisory, and public programs, we help humans reach their highest professional potential and most ambitious goals!  

The Millennial Manager Collective


Our global online community curates unique and meaningful learning and connection opportunities for millennial-identifying managers (of people, teams, projects, and/or organizations). 

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Reloveution is LOVE in the center of the REVOLUTION. We know it can be hard to pronounce and we don't want that to scare you away! Phonetically, Reloveution is pronounced Ree-love-ooshun. Focus on the love part, and you'll be right every time

The traditional word, revolution, has several definitions. As a movement, the Reloveution, can also mean multiple things. 

The Reloveution is an overthrow and repudiation and the thorough replacement of harmful mindsets, dehumanizing behaviors, and destructive cycles in organizations, management, leadership, systems, programs, communities, and individual hearts.

The Reloveution is a radical and pervasive change in the way we work, lead, manage, and live. 

The Reloveution is a turning round or rotating toward love, compassion, community, courage, justice, and LOVE in workplaces and beyond.

Why Reloveution®?

Strategizing with heart improves the bottom line.
Employee retention has never been so important. Every year, businesses experience $300B in losses due to stress and unhappiness in the workplace. When you invest in your culture and your employees, and build an organization grounded in heart, you save your people and your money and become a more sustainable and resilient organization.

Antibiotics NOT Bandaids or Painkillers
We believe in benefits over perks and systemic transformation over one-time interventions. We know that sustainable change requires treating more than symptoms and that true recovery and healing require a deep, comprehensive, flexible, and CUSTOMIZED approach. 

Long-term guidance and sustainable impact.
Transforming workplaces and leadership requires time and energy and more intentionality than a single workshop or a one-time diagnostic. Reloveution is your partner in creating change and provides long-term guidance, support, and advisory to ensure sustainable results.  

Partner Success Stories

"We began work with Reloveution to establish our team's 'Why' and to create an environment of trust and learning. We took a massive step towards building a culture of learners who are not afraid to ask questions. Reloveution far exceeded our expectations in terms of preparation and tailoring to our group.  Marissa's ability to REALLY listen and embrace different communication styles is magic.  She has a wonderful sense of humor while being professional.  We felt like she was part of our journey."

- Shannon Perry, CEO, Soccer Shots of Connecticut

"During a period of organizational growth and change, Reloveution was able to provide actionable solutions that I could immediately use to support my team and myself. Marissa's patient and down to earth approach was both practical and insightful. I'd absolutely recommend her to folks in my network."

- Nicole Morrissey, Director of Corporate Partnerships


"Marissa is an amazing facilitator and strategic partner. Reloveution's programs speak to the humanity that exists within all of us and teaches leaders how to navigate that humanity in professional contexts. Often, I attend workshops that feel draining, time-consuming, and uninspiring. Reloveution does things differently and the tools, resources, and materials we received are refreshing and useful."


- Shontai Hollingsworth, Associate Director of Programs

The Reloveution Promise

Reloveution is committed to espousing and modeling our values of HEART in all that we do. This means that in every conversation, relationship, partnership, or project that we are a part of, we promise to honor humanity, practice empathy, radiate authenticity, ground in relationships, and optimize for trust. We promise to always lead with love and know that compassion is our competitive advantage. We can help make it yours too! 

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