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Reloveution offers game-changing consulting and professional development services that help leaders, companies, and schools reach their highest goals, solve their most persistent workplace challenges, and maximize human potential.

We use our expertise in workplace transformation and leadership development to listen, assess, diagnose, teach, and catalyze sustainable change for your business AND the human beings that embody it.


Compassion is Our Competitive Advantage. We Can Make it Yours, Too!

Here's the Problem

Businesses lose $300B annually due to stress and unhappiness in the workplace

Employees (and probably even you) are unhappy, burnt out, or disengaged at work


Some downright hate their jobs ​​


This can translate to a lack of productivity and depleted innovation,

negative morale, and an energy-sucking workplace culture

Here's the Reason

Currently, the majority of workplaces are not designed to meet the basic needs of the human beings who make work possible (who also happen to be your employees)

We've Got Good News

Reloveution Transforms the World of Work for Good

Our unique and action-oriented services help institutions and leaders respond to current and future challenges with human centered, sustainable, holistic, and systemic solutions

We are experts in creating powerful spaces and transformational communities that result in meaningful change for teams, departments, institutions, and human beings

75% of the factors that contribute to employee dissatisfaction and disengagement are



Each one of our innovative solutions is carefully designed with you and your organization's values

 and goals in mind

Reloveution's Workplace Development Services

Organizational Consulting

Build Success

Customized Programs

Learn Together

Ignite Connection

Special Initiatives

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Through our compassionate organizational and leadership development services, our partners can expect:

A Better Workplace Culture

Decreased symptoms of employee burnout, compassion fatigue, or secondary trauma

Lower employee turnover

Higher employee satisfaction and engagement

Enhanced relationships, collaboration, communication, and innovation​

Greater clarity of purpose and mission

Stronger, more effective, and more courageous leadership


We work with leaders and institutions across industries that are ready to transform their world of work into a place where all human beings can thrive as their most talented and authentic selves

Some of Our Clients Include:

  • Start-ups

  • Nonprofits

  • School Districts

  • Law Firms

  • Marketing Agencies

  • City Governments

  • Unions

  • Emergency Service Agencies

Reloveution Gets to the Root of Workplace Challenges

Low Employee Morale

High Turnover

Ineffective Leadership

Difficult Interpersonal Dynamics

By Shifting the Focus to What Matters Most...




Creating a More Engaged & Collaborative Workplace

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"{Reloveution} provides a treasure trove of resources that can improve anyone's work, regardless of title or industry."

Professional Training Participant

"Reloveution is innovative, unique and impactful. This may be your uplifting antidote for the grim realities we are all experiencing in 2020. I am profoundly grateful."

Don B.

"I know I will have other struggles in my life... but with the tools I got from this ONE program, I know I am equipped to get through them all."

Lily Claire B.

" Reloveution has come at such an important time. The balance of deep compassion and realistic approach to how to support leaders and colleagues is what we need in this time. "

Melinda W.